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odinson222's Karma

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4/26/2013Janet Napolitano is NOT God ;)
4/24/2013God Bless! <3 BDE
4/23/2013God Bless - whiteangel
4/14/2013GOD IS LOVE! Love you brother! <3 BDE
3/26/2013For your dream! Thanks for sharing! ~Vesper33~
3/3/2013You are shill and you know it. It's people like you that are destroying the american way of life.
3/3/2013God Bless! Your sister GALonFire4TheLord
2/26/2013Hello, my friend..good to see ya around..;) abi~
2/24/2013God bless ParadigmShift
2/15/2013Just Because. ~Tandym
1/24/2013Thanks For Inspiring Me! Watchmen
1/23/2013Little birdie thread, comments ;) abi~
1/12/2013All the beswt - Lotus
1/6/2013Dumb shill
1/4/2013All the best - Lotus x
1/4/2013God bless. Ice
12/27/2012Merry Christmas ! - Gomez
12/21/2012Comment to sot....lotza luv
12/13/2012All the best - Lotus Flower
12/12/2012Good post! Sith (AmJedi)
11/30/2012Green for you odinson222....Ray
11/28/2012Green Hugs!!! :)
11/26/2012I LOVE your signature! Green karma for my new buddy! *daddysgirl
11/24/2012For listening to that little voice inside your head and understanding it..abi~
11/20/2012Encouraging words of wisdom.
11/2/2012Thanks for stopping by! ~Tandym
10/7/2012For standing and being counted...Rocky Endtime Truths
10/4/2012Whiteangel was here - God Bless
9/18/2012To a beautiful, loving man of God. Miggy
9/18/2012Sending positive vibes for you and yours xx Mztreechick
9/9/2012Hello Wil, Never Say Never! Watchmen
9/2/2012Green green its green they say.... The New Christy Minstrels...RRR
8/30/2012For the list. Thank you! ~Vesper33~
8/27/2012Anticipating The National Guard Member Conversation. Here's One In Advance! WatchmenOnTheWall
8/20/2012Here ya go Wil. You need some more of these. Watchmen
8/14/2012And I believe you are a fucking retard and should keep your retarded mouth shut.
8/7/2012For your post on the John Moore thread. I agree. Thanks!~Vesper33~
7/18/2012Good to 'see' you again xx MzTreeChick
7/18/2012You Deserve this green for all your troubles with the paid membership thingy! LOL. WatchmenOnTheWall
5/25/2012Fuckin tool
1/25/2012Thanks for the friendly 'truth bumps' :) May God bless you and lead you on the straight & narrow. - Voice
1/21/2012Chempoos are good for u
1/21/2012Keep up the good work, your the first green i have given anyone, or first karma period. keep it up...
1/13/2012You have always shown great love through all posts, just thought u should know lotzza luv see<@>you
1/12/2012Peace, love and joy to you! ag
1/8/2012Love your work - Jerichofall
1/6/2012Dumb idiot jackass
1/2/2012Bless-ed be!
1/2/2012Blessings! - Lisa :)
12/24/2011Merry Christmas! RayGun
12/20/2011For the flu post on chips thread luv it. LOTZA LUV see<@>you, BTW buddied you if you dont mind & happy holidays
12/17/2011Thanks for pinning. I did not know this.
12/17/2011Agreed! God bless you! <3
12/10/2011God Loves You! - Lisa:)
12/1/2011Frightening dream you had! TY for sharing it! God bless you! ~Kim
11/25/2011Much Love To You! - Lisa:)
11/20/2011For b
11/15/2011I guess that I can replant my tomatoes.... LOL!!!! ...*from CrissCross : )
10/29/2011Dumb Dumb Dumb
10/26/2011False information
10/26/2011God bless you and your family! Thank you for sharing your story. I hope some nonbelievers on GLP will be touched by it! Hope to meet you on the other side someday! ~Kim
10/25/2011Green for you

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