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12/30/2012I knew the red karma I just received wasn't from you. I never thought that! WatchmenOnTheWall
12/19/2012Thank you for STANDING! Don't stop. Texan Buckeye
12/16/2012Thank you for your writings. May you be blessed; always.
12/14/2012Wisdom starts with the fear of God
12/12/2012And to you as well. BK
12/11/2012Thank you for being you. - Gomez
12/10/2012Some green for you.
12/9/2012That wasn't nice, but I'll still give you the green!
12/3/2012Green hug for Truth - Whiteangel
11/30/2012For your great posts Brogan....Ray
10/18/2012Green morning - jeff
10/7/2012Just because, fr Who Is Blue Fairy
10/7/2012TY Brogan. Always enjoy reading and pondering what you share Abi~
10/6/2012Watchm"e"n Were Here!
10/2/2012For all the great work friend. BK
9/24/2012Great reply, and 1Thessalonians 5-21 are what I call "DISCERNING"
9/23/2012Thank you friend. BK
9/21/2012Finally someone else that SEES. I am one, I think it's a Holy Spirit gift. fr Who Is Blue Fairy
8/3/2012Man you're sad. Can't believe you never got one of these sooner. I see you like giving the red though!
7/30/2012For standing your ground
7/22/2012WeAreOne was here!
7/20/2012Your going against the grain....which is the written truth..more power to you....rocky
7/14/2012Lurker Karma...good post-Hugh m eye
7/12/2012WatchmenOnTheWall Was Here!
6/25/2012For your faith - whiteangel
6/3/2012Sharing your love of Christ~einsteinsfly
5/28/2012Great post on birdie thread ....ancient mysteries
5/25/2012Shareing great wisdom in faith - Whiteangel
5/16/2012For truth
4/24/2012WeAreOne was here :-)
4/24/2012Spreading thruth - whiteangel
4/23/2012Blessings to you/mercyamber
4/22/2012Loved the spud gun vid~abi
4/20/2012Here ya go WatchmenOnTheWall
4/20/2012Seems right
4/15/2012You shine~einsteinsfly
4/13/2012Thank you for the word - mercyamber
4/10/2012Always thankful for intelligent input! Black Knight
4/10/20121 magnetosphere link. barbara imjustsayin
4/5/2012You are correct on the whole armour - thank you - mercyamber
3/20/2012Didn't agree with most of what you said but I like giving 1st Karmas. WeAreOne.

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