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Morning Glory's Karma

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5/3/2012Dumbass Malaysia tard.
2/27/2012Suck This
2/19/2012Just because
2/5/2012Islam is a religion of murder and pedophilia.
1/28/2012Right back at ya see
1/27/2012Blessings from around the world :) May the Creator watch over you and guide you. - Voice
1/19/2012Well explained and interesting
1/19/2012A brainless creature for sure!
1/13/20122nd Sun? Hahaha...You idiot
1/13/2012Thank you so much, kevinGLP :)
1/12/2012Thanks from ming
1/8/2012Allow me to suggest that you go back to your islamist, scum sucking country until you can communicate more effectively. Asshat.
1/8/2012Why do you have to be an asshole?
1/8/2012Repaying the favor you child-soul eating demon.
1/5/2012Go suck a butt
1/5/2012Iran really sucks.
12/28/2011Mary was a gutter slut.
12/23/2011Anti american scum, we're not ALL bad
12/22/2011Don't you have a sweatshop to run or something, asshole?
12/17/2011Because I can.
12/2/2011Muz Shill
10/17/2011Cheers! Got a lot of reds for this one - RoXY
10/17/2011For being a stupid bitch.
10/9/2011For believing that the obviously fake nibiru letter is real.

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