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TheTruthIzColorBlind's Karma

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2/17/2013I guess you are just f*ing stooopid!
8/25/2012Fuck you
5/30/2012I am glad you are gone. You really are an idiot. Most likely a shill. Asshat
5/12/2012Thanks for porking my ass. -Russell
4/19/2012Ignorant and doesn't play well with others...
3/16/2012I can see why you have all the red karma...you suck
3/16/2012Shining beacon of hope,, LOL
3/15/2012Your the one's who's blind
3/14/2012You seem to be trying to encite anger-There is always time for you to change your path~DoubleHelix, Peace
3/12/2012Sock puppet for Brainsdonthurtabit...​ Gotcha TROLLLLLLL
3/12/2012Always insulting people
3/12/2012What a retard...
3/12/20120bama Is A Kenyan Born Muslim, And You Are A Racist Asshole!!
3/12/2012Talking smack about birthers
3/12/2012This person is a racist
3/12/2012Fucking retard prog.
3/12/2012You seem well liked, here's more love.
3/12/2012Biggest racist i have ever met
3/7/2012Cause you're a POS obamatard
3/2/2012Racist Asshole!
3/2/2012Racist buster
3/2/2012What an ugly mouthed tiny moron... socialism sure did you well ;-)
3/2/2012Why so racist? calm down
3/2/2012Why do demonKKKrats hate and want to kill/abort all black people?
3/2/2012Racist asshole
2/29/2012NOBAMA now!
2/28/2012Obamatard...be proud of who you are and don't get offended so easy!
2/28/2012Dumb poopy brain
2/24/2012Very well said
2/24/2012Look past the skin and see the divine spark withen the heart of all!
2/23/2012Low IQ
2/21/2012Get a life-jerk
2/20/2012Off of subject thread
2/20/2012"Blacks smell like rotten milk" lol
2/20/2012You're a fucking idiot, obamatard.
2/20/2012Blacks smell like rotten milk
2/20/2012Government shill and Obama leg humper
2/20/2012Commie libtard faggot
2/20/2012Half retarded....and that's the goo half
2/9/2012Wonderful post..wish I had thought of it
2/7/2012Have some more red
2/6/2012Faggot ass troll...
2/6/2012Madonna lover.
2/6/2012Dumbass racist
2/2/2012Your skin color is the least of your problems.
2/2/2012Brain dead socialist
1/10/2012U r stoopid
1/10/2012Just stfu
12/30/2011Nasty person.
12/21/2011Low IQ
12/9/2011Get Obama's dick outa your mouth fucking cum guzzeling shill
12/9/2011Open your eyes! Obama is not the little darling you think he is!! Are you a Obama paid shill?!!
12/9/2011GLP posters are the most idiotic, moronic, racist ass-turds anywhere on the net! Hands down! Quoting: TheTruthIzColorBlind
12/9/2011Obama didn't kill osama, dumbass.
12/9/2011For being a dumbazz
12/8/2011Bush is a loser, so is Obama, and I imagine you are too
12/8/2011Idiot LIBTARD ... Obummer Sucks & will be GONE in 2012 !
12/8/2011Fuck you, Obama is a bone-smoking homo and useless.
12/8/2011Obama shill
12/8/2011Libtard shill
12/7/2011Abusive manner
12/7/2011For just not seeing things in the proper light.
12/7/2011For being a complete douchebag. GET A LIFE LOSER!!
12/6/2011For your posting on the Kroc thread - Lotus Flower
12/5/2011For speaking the truth and standing up for the 99%. Rev Mikey
12/5/2011The stupid... it burns
12/5/2011Go F yourself
12/5/2011Dumbfuck ron paul idiot
12/2/2011Dumbass. Go kiss Obama's ass over at DailyKOS. -Rev
11/28/2011Reverse biggotry
11/21/2011White guilt.
11/21/2011Ignorant racist who knows nothing of the world
11/19/2011Dragging down the mean iq of the entire forum. yours is so low it can't be measured, it has to be mined for.
11/17/2011Your blind
11/15/2011Did your parents have any children that lived?
11/15/2011Returning the favor!
11/15/2011Keep up the faith, Newt for 2012 --Mad Pole
9/29/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)

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