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9/4/2012Love and guidance,forgiveness and peace - stormer
9/4/2012From wildhoney
9/3/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
9/2/2012Take your shit and shove in right back up your arse
9/2/2012Greetings from Iolair
9/2/2012Love to you xoxo (and I know how you feel!)
9/2/2012I'm the good karma guy ^_^
9/1/2012Thanks for the props-passing the love-ATONTRUTH
9/1/2012God bless you my buddy! - Lisa:)
9/1/2012Love for you, 141
8/26/2012Beautiful soul i love you
8/25/2012Duality will be extinct soon unity consciousness we are one good and evil are one unconditional love omega point. Trun that! Much love from ..11:11..
8/25/2012New ager - NWO puppet
8/24/2012Do you believe every single piece of shit doom that comes your way? You haven't been right once douchebag so who is the real shill?
8/24/2012Congratulations! One more for bumping your bullshit
8/18/2012I really enjoy your threads.
8/15/2012Really lost his mind
8/13/2012For continuous bumping own thread
8/13/2012Congratulations! You have been promoted to Level 2 Disinfo Shill. At this rate, you'll be at Level 3 in no time. Great work. Your check is in the mail. - Zetas
8/12/2012Do you believe every single piece of shit doom that comes your way? You haven't been right once douchebag so who is the real shill?
8/12/2012Hi! From Earth420 :)
8/12/2012Thanks for bumping :)
8/12/2012Thank you! - The Bulgarian
8/12/2012Your bs flag in hell thread
8/12/2012Spreading the love ;)
8/11/2012Cowardly canadian you are simply too used to bending over and taking it
8/11/2012Big green hug from tauranga
8/11/2012There is no Nibiru Canuck fuck Tard! Put down the hot pocket and get out of your grandmas basement!
8/11/2012Thanks for the Nibiru threads support - Tuff~Kooky
8/7/2012Go fuck yourself
8/4/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/1/2012For saying what many are thinking..wildhoney
7/31/2012Fuck you karma!! I hope u choke on a bag of dicks!
7/30/2012Hi! From Earth420
7/30/2012"grow up, evolve, transform and love" = The PERFECT Answer - Six Six Six
7/30/2012"grow up, evolve,transform and love"...beautiful words! morgan
7/29/2012I like your positive vibe ... good luck on your journey and hope to see you on the other side brother :)
5/29/2012SoS - hey jacksprat! - SS
5/28/2012OP agree with ELE preparations just not sure it's NIBIRU, could be solar event. Good work
5/28/2012Fema = fed emerg. mang. agency dumb ass
5/22/2012Something is happening. Amy A
5/21/2012Your on track
5/20/2012GTFO OWSer
5/18/2012From Tauranga
5/14/2012Damn chemtrail shills, peace WWFF
5/12/2012For Ascension thread ~Magik~
5/10/2012SS was here! - Hey jacks[rat! - Swinging on Spirals
5/10/2012Thanks for the feedback. - ANHEDONIC
5/8/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/7/2012Green for Bumps!
5/7/2012Because you know that we're dream-shifting and you spread love and calmness 141
5/7/2012Awake but dreaming says hi
5/6/2012Great article on dimensions. Amy A
5/4/2012For The Sun, for our evilving DNA and >5, moving into the 6th sun ;DD ONE LOVE - WuDStef
5/3/2012When you are hurting, i hope someone mentions karma and that you diserved it.
5/3/2012Jesus became cursed so I could be blessed, despite my actions
5/3/2012Here is your karma you figure out why
5/3/2012Rude comment - death of Iraqi war vet
5/3/2012Fuck you karma!! I hope u choke on a bag of dicks!
5/3/2012An example of karma or the law of cause and effect!
5/3/2012Cause and effect, you're right !
5/3/2012GO Fuck yourself from the USMC. You live under the banner of freedom that these men have provided for 240 years.
5/3/2012That negative karma you put out just came back to you. Bitch
5/2/2012Stop bumping bullshit you cocksucker.
5/2/2012Wow you are a even bigger fucktard moron than solar nightmare! I didn't think that was possible.
5/2/2012Cause and effect
5/1/2012Karma drop "Technazi"
4/29/2012Green thumb
4/19/2012Go Tha Graduation ;DD - WuDStef
1/10/2012V :)
1/10/2012Dimensional shift... STFU...
1/9/2012Good thread on the 3rd dimension. Had to get you out of the negative. -- Wylfdane
1/9/20123d thread. Plus i see you get the "commie" moniker as well. lol
1/9/2012Great info
12/14/2011Fuck off, canuk.
12/14/2011For reporting the truth
12/13/2011V :)
12/13/2011Higher Vibrations! <3
12/12/2011Needs to suck Dutchsinse's dick, and get it over with.
12/12/2011Peace....Night Dreamer
12/11/2011Much love to you friend (:-DeeZe
12/10/2011Great post on 3rd dimension ~ in5d
12/9/2011Green bonus
12/9/2011You deserve green! - Tuff~Kooky
12/6/2011V :)
12/6/2011Cool thread thanks
11/13/2011You are right fuck religious nuts
10/30/2011Sucks to be you, bitch
10/30/2011Douchebag protest-tard.
10/30/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
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