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141's Karma

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6/19/2017Soylent GREEN is Karma! (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
6/16/2017From Ralph--a house dog
6/12/2017LOOK OUT - the green is contageous!!! (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
6/10/2017Greenest kindness wrapped in Love- Ursabruin
6/10/2017Karma roLL .C.C
6/6/2017Hugs and Love! Keysholder
6/6/2017Ditto :)
6/5/2017Green from marooned :)
6/5/2017From Ralph--a house dog
6/4/2017It doesn't get any greener than this (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
5/31/2017Miss you
5/28/2017It's time to stop and smell the green (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
5/27/2017<3 om
5/27/2017Greenie for your poem "Give it up!" Loved it! TheOracle'sCookie
5/23/2017Lots of Love My Dear Brother:) From New Heart
5/23/2017Love and hugs! Keysholder
5/21/2017Being true to you - 7th
5/20/2017Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
5/20/2017Have Some GREEN, Jelly Bean! (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
5/18/2017You know
5/17/2017Greenest kindness wrapped in Love-Ursabruin
5/15/2017Karma roLL .C.C
5/13/2017Just because (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
5/6/2017It's all in the vision . . . five stars for Lars! xoxo Sloane
5/6/2017TAG - You're it! (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
5/3/2017Oh happy days! ~ A Friend
4/29/2017The GREEN M&M's are the best (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
4/29/2017For friendship! Keysholder
4/28/2017Hello friend. Pavana
4/23/2017For revisiting your Jan, 25 2011 post. great read, thanks! :-) morgan
4/22/2017The GREEN M&M's are the best (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
4/15/2017There's something GREEN in your Easter Basket. But it's NOT an egg (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
4/11/2017Green from Alaska...
4/9/2017Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
4/8/2017I found some GREEN on my shoe. Is it yours? (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
4/7/2017Truth ;-) AA
3/31/2017Karma: a dish best served GREEN (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
3/31/2017Bouncing elephant :)
3/27/2017Karma roLL .C.C
3/25/2017Have a beautiful Sunday, 141 :-) (S)
3/25/2017Upgraded! Matjaz
3/24/2017Beautiful d&d
3/24/2017I found some green and thought it might be yours (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
3/23/2017Let the moment :) MacLachlan
3/21/2017Bouncing elephant
3/20/2017Much love goes around, cutbait
3/20/2017As always :) Pavana
3/19/2017Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
3/17/2017Thanks friend----Terrebonne
3/17/2017Love back at ya! (From your new ol' pal BEAST333)
3/16/2017Green hug for you!
3/15/2017Prayers from Alaska..
3/15/2017Greenest kindness -Ursabruin
2/4/2017Blink. pool
2/3/2017For my good friend with beautiful Eyes-Soul.... The O
2/2/2017Why do you make us look at your face?
1/30/2017Dumb faggot
1/29/2017Cheers! Matjaz
1/29/2017Cause I think your an amazing being :)
1/28/2017All the best to you my friend, cutbait
1/28/2017And we're all dancers :-) <3 (S)
1/28/2017Thank you for being here :)
1/28/2017Back at ya
1/25/2017God bless LV
1/25/2017Good Vibes - DP
1/25/2017Back At You~~ Waittwutt~~
1/21/2017Thank you, 141 <3 (S)
1/20/2017Beautiful D&d
1/16/2017Je t'aime..The O
1/14/2017Big wave hello from Vala :)))
1/10/2017Green from Alaska....
12/31/2016Happy New Year , cutbait
12/25/2016Some Green for you Dear Brother....best wishes in the new year! To Infinity & Beyond...:o)
12/20/2016All the best, cutbait
12/20/2016Green from Alaska....
12/11/2016Green from Alaska-
12/9/2016Good day my friend, cutbait
11/25/2016Happy thanksgiving 141 .C.C
11/23/2016From New Heart
11/23/2016Cheers bro ::) Billy
11/18/2016A big hug to you :-) (S)
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