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5/9/2014Dishonest bitch
12/29/2013Bleh !
12/7/2013Because I can
11/20/2013Needs to be done
11/13/2013Because I can - RW :)
11/11/2013Bleh , bleeeeergh
11/3/2013Helloooooo!!!! not
10/16/2013Still not liked
10/6/2013You finally stopped making dumbass threads? Good, keep it that way and pls delete your account
9/28/2013Look up these words: NINNYHAMMER, HIRCISMUS and FEIST , makes me think of you
9/20/2013BREAKING: you suck big fat hairy balls!
9/9/2013Saved this one for you
9/2/2013Hello cunt
8/27/2013Loving your occult thread! --eekers
8/25/2013Its that time of the month again
8/18/2013You don't know shit, keep your whore mouth shut
8/6/2013Just go away, most overrated member on glp evah
7/28/2013Dumb and ugly
7/21/2013Heres some Green :) - Og
7/21/2013Good thread OP...Chas
7/21/2013For sharing occult knowledge! -Nighthawks
5/18/2013I hope you and AB are doing okay....cosmicgypsy/V​
4/23/2013Just because ^^
4/10/2013You are still ugly
3/28/2013Hello friend :-) trailingedge
1/5/2013<3 i love you
12/17/2012Happy Holiday karma! geminilion
12/15/2012Because your attitude does not reflect your username....MultiStra​da
12/15/2012Dr. Acula
12/12/2012Lol!! goneviral
12/12/2012Order of foil!
12/12/2012Ah! Luv yur back 2nd! SS - or known now as Septenary Man
12/12/2012Buddy driveby... (from *CrissCross)
12/12/2012Green, because I can :) Rabid Wolf
12/12/2012Aww! You changed your avatar! That other one was SO-O HOT!! <3 ;-)
12/12/2012Because we all need to be aluminated.
12/12/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/21/2012Harmonics mundi? trying to sound clever while being a retard
11/7/2012You're icky
11/7/2012Praising weak people
10/27/2012At what hospital do you work again? just so i know never to send my children there
10/18/2012Stop sucking up to glp, really NO ONE likes you!!
10/1/2012Still flipping burgers? want to earn some extra cash? being a single mom and all ...
9/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/31/2012If you ever kiss my baby, I'm going to give you the beating of a lifetime you weirdo!
8/30/2012Blessongs from seer
8/15/2012Still dumb and not even pretty, i hope your children take after their father ..oh wait, single mom...redneck alert
8/12/2012Connected. Thanks for the words.
6/26/2012You're evil
6/18/2012Your threads just always suck, if you are going to suck so hard then at least exercise on my cock first so we don't need to hear it
6/10/2012I like her.
6/2/2012Enjoy Eternity in Hell...
5/25/2012You're the shit that makes the medical system the way it is today. Thanks!
5/23/2012Would not even call you a reptile , reptiles are more attracrive ... for real , you suck 0.0
5/14/2012Fer grins. - Boirian.
5/2/2012I get horrible energy from you
4/22/2012Hahaha !! finally took your fugly picture down now did you? KEEP IT THAT WAY !!!
4/11/2012From john goz
4/8/2012You are not clever, not deep, not insightful , not witty and not even pretty
3/18/2012What do you know about Jonathan Adampants? /Modeselektor
3/7/2012Lowlife , bartender are you ? ...LOSER !
3/4/2012Hope your having a great weekend! *aiyanna
2/18/2012Great Sirius thread, you're awesome. Koelbren
2/18/2012Love from Greece. :)
2/14/2012Happy valentine's day from pink cat :)
2/12/2012STUPID BITCH!! Atleast he adds something to this board. What do you add other than your IGNORANCE?
2/7/2012Thanks - Toadmaster
2/5/2012Kiss this baby
2/5/2012Wonderful thread brought back wonderful memories! *aiyanna
2/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/5/2012For reminding me of that sweet smell
2/5/2012Awesome thread honey...sorry about my stalker love Angels :)
2/5/2012Cuz ash ye ash ye loves secondprecession lol ;)
2/5/2012Women and babies go together like peas and carrots...if it weren't for women like yourself this world would be a true living hell. ~Chip
2/5/2012Green for the baby head scent - Turtle :) <3
2/5/2012I gave you the Green because I feel sorry for You > You must be very lonely and in need of attention < You should be in the real world instead of being on GLP < Peace be with You(~) > I ho
2/4/2012Your wrong and dumb
2/1/2012For being a cool girl -Osirus
1/30/2012From Uncle Mikey!
1/29/2012For spreading positive energy - teschen
1/28/2012For knowing
1/26/2012You are like a pitbull terrior at times.
1/25/2012I appreciate you - Toadmaster
1/25/2012V :)
1/25/2012Good thinking
1/24/2012Good luck! morgan
1/23/2012What a disappointment you personal Thread is > takes away from your creditibilty on your other Threads. < Peace be with You(~) >
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