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bridak's Karma

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2/15/2014There are great pills for for folks like you.
8/8/2013Back at you, Asshole.
8/8/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/8/2013"Promoting racial discord still in 2013 is not just a lack of judgment, it is a lack of evolution."
6/4/2013Shut up!
6/4/2013Gun hating Canadian. You're still the Queens bitch don't forget it.
6/4/2013Blinded by Liberalism, You are.
5/27/2013Nobody likes you here
1/18/2013More red for your collectiion. Typical Canadian liberal ahole
11/28/2012Fuck you, eh?
11/28/2012Please shut up and stay in Canada. You are not welcome here, so what we do will not effect you.
11/5/2012War is BS and you are right.
11/2/2012An idiot are you, and greatly so.

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