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12/11/2012Study the history of the teaching of black and hispanic history and you'll know why this is invalid.
8/2/2012Thanks for the encouraging words....armageddon20​12
7/18/2012Dumb as a fucking rock....and that's an insult to the rock
7/11/2012Thank you! So this is real..I live in a boreal forest, some of the spirits are in chains there..others free, I don't understand it all
6/25/2012Lying about chitown. that shit is a war zone, dog.
12/20/2011For a smoke
12/4/2011I commend your research and I think Constantine was brilliant as well
10/31/2011Jesus is not a myth. He loves you
10/25/2011For gently pointing out the error of the headline....Carol B.
10/24/2011Unfortunately, I believe your comment on "Wow just wow" thread is dead on... take care...My2centsworth

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