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enki2012's Karma

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4/29/2013Too many shills on your thread means its true. GLP TARD
10/12/2012WOW! Chem-tard, and Nib-tard, in one. Expect much more red.
5/7/2012Poor, poor special person
4/28/2012For inviting Bob WindyMind
4/27/2012Agreed that the person is basically seems like someone trolling to discredit people
4/21/2012Faggot for ted nugent. way to go. butter up that tiny dick and stick it up ted's cockhole. Faggot.
4/21/20122 identical threads. No green thumb for you! LOL
4/4/2012I agree! dragunov_1977
4/4/2012What utter bullshit presented as fact regarding the Soviet (NOT Russian) Mars probe and its fate.
3/11/2012RenaissanceWoman likes your Jesus Alien thread :)
3/11/2012For making sense re: Jesus being an EBE
3/11/2012And the feeble-minded shall be the loudest voices, seeking validation and adulation but in the end gaining only eternal condemnation.
3/11/2012This is what I believe as well. Jesus Christ phone home.
3/10/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/28/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/23/2012Nibiru nutcase - will you STFU when it doesn't arrive this year?
2/21/2012Good open mind job.
2/10/2012Nibiru nutcase - will you STFU when it doesn't arrive this year
1/15/2012Good job- Frm Anthurium
1/9/2012Good answer; Alien Commander Omd I
1/8/2012Your posts ARE terrible.
12/22/2011Your posts aren't terrible..
12/21/2011Chemtrails are REAL - Rybo
12/13/2011Stoopid fuck! I hope Nibiru comes crash down and lands right up your arse!!
12/7/2011For your Chemtrail thread - Rybo
12/3/2011What an idiot.
12/3/2011Second sun?! What a complete moron!
12/3/2011Dumber than a box of rocks
11/16/2011Good response, Alien Commander Omd I
11/15/2011Complete moron/chemtard/loser
10/22/2011Paranoid loser/chemtard

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