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9/14/2013Green hugs xxxK
9/13/2013Free Thinker ~ United we Win(~)
9/5/2013Good thread on the tunnels in bucegi
9/2/2013Reported Abusive Post
9/1/2013Nice you stopped by :D xxxk
8/27/2013Reported Abusive Post
8/26/2013Reported Abusive Post
8/12/2013Monday Karma magic....>>>>Settle4I​t<<<<
8/7/2013Green hugs xxxK
7/24/2013Reported Abusive Post
7/21/2013Thank you
7/16/2013For your ever great work xxxK
7/4/2013Greenery from UselessRepeater
7/2/2013Keep up the great stuff xxxkrispy
6/25/2013Great thread on the tunnels...waitn4end
6/22/2013Good post karma from Gonviral
5/25/2013EleKtroN was here :)
5/22/2013Thank you!....>>>>Settle4It​<<<<
5/17/2013Cheers, friend - ANHEDONIC
5/17/2013Hi WAO--UselessRepeater
5/16/2013Great Read!
5/16/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/15/2013Great info! hello!
5/15/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/15/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/14/2013Sending some good vibes your way - MI
5/13/2013Karma for you!....Awesome thread!!!>>>>Settle4I​T<<<<
5/13/2013Wise observations, blessings. Paler
5/11/2013Good thread - tunnels, thanks >CH
5/9/2013Support and apreciation xxxkrispy71
5/9/2013For the uncle and his tomato plants. Niemand
5/8/20137.83Hz - keep on tripping into the future!
5/7/2013More positive green from UselessRepeater
5/5/2013This is one of the best ever threads. TY CrimsonBleu
5/4/2013Cool thread :) Lamplite
5/4/2013Great stuff, well worth reading
5/3/2013The Secret of secrets thread ~ p.borelais
5/3/2013For politness.
5/3/2013Fantastic research on the tunnel systems! --sTTsTTT
5/3/2013Intriguing and informative.
5/2/2013Amazing research! Outstanding thread!
5/2/2013Amazing communicator
5/2/2013Excellent information you have presented us with. I am genuinely intrigued by all this mind blowing info. Thank you! this.
5/2/2013Secrets of Secrets Thread is a MUST read for all GLPers. Awesome- Hollow Bones
5/2/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/2/2013Tunnel thread-awesome! ~U3~
5/2/2013The Secret of Secrets thread
5/2/2013Thank you and keep up...grilo
5/2/2013Very interesting and a nice read :)
5/2/2013For a very interesting thread,don't let them get you
5/1/2013Amazing research! thank you for sharing! -ladyannie
5/1/2013Good poster
5/1/2013I love your thread! SkinnyChic.
5/1/2013Just ordered "where do we come from" on amazon. thank you for the fascinating thread! calx
5/1/2013Thx for the Secrets thread. Tons of digging you did-Suckleyi
5/1/2013Loved tt - thread re tunnels .. jimd
5/1/2013Secrets thread . tm
5/1/2013Thank you...=)'
5/1/2013Preparing myself to be mind-boggled.
5/1/2013Excellent article about the underground worlds
5/1/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/1/2013Tunnel thread. nice! morgan
5/1/2013The Secret of Secrets --- great info --- ElenaC
5/1/2013Excellent thread! geminilion
5/1/2013Awesome thread fromkitkat123
5/1/2013Long time no see! Rhombus
5/1/2013Interesting thread...if nothing else. Thank you - salty1
5/1/2013Septenary Man!
5/1/2013Great thread -SteamrolledGobias
5/1/2013“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” ― Albert Einstein
5/1/2013For the "Secrets of Secrets" thread. I find this fascinating and need more. Copperhead.
4/29/2013Crazy times--keep up your vigilence!--UselessRe​peater
4/23/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/21/2013For raising good points and helping a fellow soul with useful thoughts
4/21/2013Right on
4/21/2013Right on -- super bowl dave
4/21/2013He is right
4/21/2013Well said - El Dude
4/21/2013For spreading the message that will change humanity. -DisMind
4/16/2013Happykarma =) DontBeAfraidEVER
4/15/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/12/2013Thanks WeAreOne :) - miffed
4/10/2013Septenary Man
4/9/2013Just because. :) Rhombus
4/6/2013Greetings from ANHEDONIC
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