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Goo~'s Karma

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5/18/2014Torh says Messiah is SON of God...
1/6/2013Hey! -CeeLite
6/2/2012Great post on the Madonna "Satanic Ritual" thread. So spot on! - Eireann~
6/2/2012You are welcome Sandrose
5/30/2012You need mental help, because you sound crazy.
5/29/2012Goo sticks together - googooflexy
5/24/2012Kiwi hugs from Tauranga xx
5/22/2012Your threads are stupid.
5/21/2012Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
5/21/2012You Shine.. -Seer
5/20/2012Goo full of Poo
5/19/2012For exciting times ahead in the new world
5/19/2012Meat thread post! - ANHEDONIC
5/18/2012Back at you Bro. for beans and corn. yum
5/17/2012Thanks for the karma! -Snarf
5/16/2012Thanks! SFAV
5/15/2012Awesome energy, +1 for sharing it!
5/12/2012Exactly!!! Thank you for that thread on racism.
5/8/2012For expenading your consciousness - ANHEDONIC
5/3/2012Love ya!!!
5/3/2012"Before we judge... a little education~" thread was pretty cool. Makes you think. Sgt. Stedanko
5/3/2012Great pic - Charlie the Choo-Choo
5/3/2012Merci was here ( :
5/3/2012Racism is the true enemy and the people a victim of it.
5/1/2012Blessed Be To You! .. Zuzu =-)
5/1/2012Beltane thread!
3/15/2012Your karma should show green =)
2/11/2012Red love for you faith in Obami
2/10/2012You too!

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