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Maria Monroe's Karma

Total: 33 (33  User Votes) and 16

7/9/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/27/2013Just because
6/24/2013Karma Hugs!....You need one today!....>>>>Settle4​It<<<<
6/14/2013Enough with the many, many "any psychics" threads.ffs Go find one and pay them. Quit begging, ya mooch!
1/13/2013Karma ((((HUGS))))....>>>>S​ettle4it<<<<
12/11/2012Back at ya)))Love GFG
12/1/2012Happy Holidays!....>>>>Sett​le4it<<<<
11/30/2012Just keepin the ball rollin
11/24/2012Fun thread,.. Borian
11/21/2012Big Karma ((((HUGS)))) for you!!!....>>>>Settle4​it<<<<
11/17/2012So, you said you were going to kill your baby, I think "I'm going to kill it" were your exact words, did you do it yet? Abortion all done with? Changing your username and av didn'
11/14/2012Reiki certified Master
11/10/2012I hope your next abortion goes very wrong
11/10/2012You're a selfish, self-centered, murderer. You should never be allowed to breed. NEVER AGAIN!
11/9/2012You really need to stop looking for ways to abort/murder your baby on a conspiracy forum. You're fucking sick and ridiculous.
11/9/2012For posting in the Tarot thread :) -AR
11/8/2012Theres no vaccine for stupidity chucklefuck. your life is extreme dumbageddon
11/7/2012I realized that I was harsh with my words and I'm probably the person that you are thinking about the most right now. Please accept my sincerest apologies and do not keep it at heart. I am not a
11/6/2012Your a fucked up individual. Sonic Doom :)
11/5/2012You are fucked up
11/2/2012You're boring me
11/2/2012Not a bright person...
10/29/2012Good luck with the crystals. Valenn
8/9/2012Thanks for the green! - Archaic Mason
8/9/2012Heres some for ya, ~Nostril
2/10/2012Because I want to,you should have one every reading you give these ungratful humans
2/9/2012From Apollo. Happy to make you laugh. =)
2/5/2012Some karma for you. Storm
2/3/2012For selfless work
2/1/2012I gave one before ...here you go again...thanks for what you do...Chas..
1/31/2012Thank you for being you.I aill go tomorrow and pick up a few pink candles ,girrlie is fine with me L%L bless it be.
1/31/2012< Brandon - Thank you... Just be :)
1/26/2012Because you deserve it
1/24/2012Tyvm 4 the "readings" time will and does tell us things we don't know right now(~) > Peace be with You(~) < tSJ
12/1/2011Ka-Tet We are Well Met - Phase-Sphere
11/28/2011For follow through on you pictures! Thank you! MamaHA
11/27/2011Thank you! DPC
11/20/2011All i felt was mid 1980's, i guess i should have said 1985. ))BAPHOMET((
11/15/2011Paranoid chemtard/stupid/has her head up her "third eye".
11/14/2011Thanx for karma.... hope you solve the monitor problem....joegreen
11/12/2011Stupid loser little man
11/11/2011Now what about 'karma'? *total bs* < Peace be with You(~) > Spread the Positive Karma
11/11/2011V :)
11/9/2011For giving ppl readings,
11/3/2011For making me think :) ~ Jilly23810
11/3/2011For taking us Aliens seriously! - Alien Commander Omd I
11/3/20111 from The E.

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