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Deplorable hannah's Karma

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10/19/2016Debate night green - Kraut
10/18/2016Buddy List Karma Trade --- Hit me back -- Deplorable QuantumLove
10/17/2016Well thank you, hanna... now have some of this here R.P. McMurphy brand green
10/16/2016Karma roLL .C.C
10/10/2016Buddy List Karma Trade - Hit me back and I'll do the same - xoxo Deplorable QuantumLove
10/7/2016Green thanks Hannah...davvi
10/6/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
10/3/2016Good posting-lews therin
9/30/2016Re: ANN BARNHARDT - Unleashed Tells It Like It Is --- and added to my buddy list --- x0x0 -- deplorable quantumlove
9/24/2016'cause your deplorable---- ;) God Bless!! ----starrynytes
9/18/2016Dace wuzz hear =-)
9/15/2016Karma roLL .C.C
9/11/2016Hugs to you ! From Tiger1.
9/11/2016Green for you from Tesla!
9/10/2016Thanks and sorry. Attar.
9/10/2016Happy Saturday ~ A Friend
9/9/2016Green for Buddy - Kraut
9/9/2016We will be with them again!
9/9/2016Sorry for your loss :( Beso
9/9/2016For your loss. *hugs* AnonymousGirl
9/5/2016There's nothing like Trump green! Have a great week! ~Showtime Dachshunds~
9/3/2016Some Tesla Green for you!
9/3/2016Karma roLL .C.C
9/2/2016YOU have a twisted sence of humor. That's hot AF.
8/26/2016Thank you! - Chaos Replicator.
8/24/2016Bookem Dano ~ Rat Face
8/23/2016Am I in green deficit? Sorry, I didn't realize it; I don't look too often! Fret Wiz
8/19/2016Love lol
8/16/2016Thanks. -Rev
8/15/2016I like your list and all the smilies haha! Good post, Sloane
8/14/2016Thanks for contributing to my thread - German Refugees ~ Question EVERYTHING
8/14/2016For comment to insertwittyname etc Doobie
8/13/2016For the laugh! That was brilliant. -The Pale Horse
8/7/2016Mr wonderful
8/6/2016Have a nice weekend from indiandave.
8/3/2016Whadda contorted mess! Fret Wiz
7/26/2016Humbird buddy
7/23/2016A little Green For Tina Delgado! :-) Tesla
7/23/2016Thanks for commenting on my BLM/First Step thread! TrustNoOneKS
7/21/2016LOL....your drunk picture....Lilopin
7/21/2016Thanks, ma'am. -Rev
7/14/2016Great kitten vid. pool
7/13/2016Drive by karma from indiandave.
7/10/2016Many green hugs with thanks to you...davvi
7/6/2016Besides you feeling phyicaly sick -this week has made us all sick!..feel better soon Hannah....Lilopin
7/6/2016Thank you, gal! Good to see you :)
7/6/2016Removed donation language from thread -- Cig Man
7/2/2016From Ralph--a house dog,,,,,,,,thank you for sharing your memories of Aspen
7/2/2016Hugs and green from Lily :-)
7/2/2016Green for postive vibs! --Luxen
7/1/2016I want to be your boyfriend.
6/29/2016Green for having the nicest protestors - Kraut
6/26/2016Karma roLL .C.C
6/25/2016Thanks Hannah, hope your weekend is going well! Ag47
6/25/2016Beeches hello! from George Will thread.
6/25/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
6/25/2016Green for your entry, Hannah! I was thinking that caption, too! O'sCookie
6/16/2016Good 2 see another New Englander
6/16/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
6/16/2016Oh yeah The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson :) Sloane
6/16/2016LOL! Thanks. -Rev
6/16/2016Reported Abusive Post
6/13/2016Algorithm 451 - Wordsworth
6/11/2016Did Google manipulate search for Hillary?--- please return the favor ... thanks
6/11/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
6/7/2016I want to practice repopulation drills with you - The Comedian
6/6/2016LOL! -Revbo
6/4/2016Green Greetings! - Tesla
5/31/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
5/30/2016Thank you for Rio. Love, GGAllin
5/30/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/30/2016The new songs are GREAT! Hawk02
5/29/2016Just sending Trump green --- trumpsupporter
5/28/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/27/2016YYYUUUGEE!! -Blueridge
5/21/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
5/21/2016Bluebonnet :)
5/20/2016May God use this green to bless your day -Apokalupsis
5/19/2016Thank you so much! Luisport!
5/18/2016I'd love to see your idea of retro, LOL - mehitable
5/18/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/15/2016Ag47 :)
5/13/2016Cuz you love trump --trumpsupporter
5/12/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
5/7/2016Happy Birthday Hannah - Kraut
5/1/2016Hi from beeches
5/1/2016Someone who actually knows how to do a search & will, kudos! Shiva ascendant ; )
5/1/2016LOL TY!--Bodiless
5/1/2016Just because ar-15nut
4/27/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
4/20/2016Back at you Hannah! - Tesla
4/20/2016A little green frog for a beautiful princess - The Comedian
4/13/2016Beauty is knowledge R@@T
4/11/2016Much love sister ~TM(N)L
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