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beebee's Karma

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2/26/2017To offset all that red? What'd you do?
2/26/2017Hey BeeBee ~ Lady Truth
2/26/2017They should carve your face on Mount Douchemore!
2/24/2017< worships a plant lol!!!
2/22/2017Drink the wine. Actually, it's Kool Aid. Drink it nonetheless.
2/20/2017I wasn't born with enough middle fungers to show you how I really feel about you.
2/18/2017Karma whiner and general douche vag.
2/15/2017Let's see. Occultist, druggy, anti Christian, Hitlerian sympathizer. In a nutshell, gnostic asshole.
2/13/2017Desreves red
2/12/2017Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
2/11/2017Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
2/11/2017Greetings from the many non-christians who find you repulsive!
2/11/2017I only hope I'm alive to see Justice served.
2/11/2017Holohoax is fake you know. - Nordic Crusader
2/11/2017Nice post on Hitler ~Lady Truth
2/10/2017I'm a 4th generation rancher in Montana. We know to take care of the land! bigD
2/9/2017I firmly believe that we will be judged on how we treat others. We are all human, and should treat each other as such. From Tiger1.
2/8/2017Try not hating people who don't hate you, furry pete
2/8/2017Here is more - LSDMTHC
2/8/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/8/2017Dont know whobu r but im ficing u wat u want before your banned!
2/8/2017Asked me for dick pics
2/8/2017If your not worried about the red then why keep changing your name? Fag
2/8/2017Karma whiners get RED
2/8/2017And another merit badge just 4U
2/8/2017Another badge for you
2/8/2017Here's another Badge for you
2/8/2017Here's another Badge for you
2/8/2017Go suck a badger cock
2/8/2017GTFO, will this do ?
2/8/2017Naa , must be the Green thumb arse kissing ruling class giving you reds..The trump lord of the ring lickers..
2/8/2017I'm a nihilist you presumptious whiner. This is for complaining about red
2/7/2017Hi beebee! Have a good week! ...nutmeg...
2/7/2017For all the bad karma here's a green they are idiots-Sassy Granny
2/7/2017Green is good -new age scam artist
2/7/2017Just because...
2/7/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
2/7/2017I supect you are a great giver of red as well. strgzr :)
2/7/2017You are the Jewish Moshiach
2/7/2017Take some good long slurps of the runny poop you've been spraying around here, you vile creep!
2/7/2017From New Heart
2/6/2017You're red, you're dead. Love, Oliver North.
2/6/2017Great post on te red karma
2/6/2017Trump Fault
2/6/2017Have some more
2/3/2017Get lost libtard
2/3/2017Abrasive disgusting a turd as ever I see.
2/3/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
2/3/2017Lady Truth Love
2/3/2017You don't deserve all this red beebee, keep speaking your truth
1/31/2017Pussy fart
1/31/2017May a syphilitic ape ooze crotch pus on your lucky shoes!
1/30/2017Ppl died idiot
1/25/2017Will you ever stop?
1/24/2017WTF! Are u sick
1/19/2017Fucking Nazi
1/14/2017Baking soda thread, thanks for caring for peoples health! LTHN.
1/14/2017From Ralph--a house dog
1/14/2017Have a purple headed shroom. No teeth, now
1/9/2017Been a while
1/8/2017Reported Abusive Post
1/8/2017Thanks anyway. strgzr :)
1/8/2017You're still alive?
1/7/2017Just because - Cloven
1/6/2017I got a mushroom for ya.
1/5/2017Nice thread----Terrebonne
1/4/2017Some Love From POTS
1/4/2017Welcome Aquarius
12/30/2016Stay strong beebee and bring back the dolphins - Cloven
12/27/2016Do more drugs you wussy. You'll achieve Nirvana in no time
12/27/2016Green for truth, love your posts - Chad
12/26/2016For a common sense response - Ozi
12/23/2016Love to you and your family may peace come your way Love GFG
12/22/2016Hitler would have culled you from the herd
12/21/2016Of course they don't have proof :D - Kai
12/18/2016Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
12/18/2016Butt flake. Do us all a favor and do more drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.
12/18/2016JC- Thanks
12/15/2016Going against the sheeple bibletard grains of GLP and spreading truth!
12/11/2016Try crack. It's got electrolytes.
12/6/2016"try suicide" is lonely little life trash talk.
12/4/2016Lookslike you could use some green! - Rev Woo-Woo
12/3/2016You are extremely narrow minded.
12/1/2016The kid is a massive tard
11/29/2016Thank you so much (MichMan)
11/29/2016Don't make me smack you.
11/29/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/25/2016Eat poison
11/25/2016Your spineless liberal scum,throw yourself from a tall building.
11/25/2016FUCK you - you pussy. You're probably too fat to serve our military.
11/25/2016Great NDE thread!
11/25/2016FU, Military deserve our thanks not ur BS
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