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11/21/2014Keep fighting the good fight against the mindless judgmental Christian drones.
11/21/2014You hate Christ, yet any thread He shows up on, so do you...grow up
11/11/2014Shove it
11/9/2014God is male. Deal with it you inferior woman.
11/8/2014Loving the way you are seeing Matt 7
11/8/2014Why are you back? No one said you could come back. Go back to Bananagate.
11/8/2014Why you speak on biblical matters, yet proclaim your hatred for Christ is astounding
11/4/2014Haven't seen you post lately. Hope you are ok. Zip50
11/1/2014Cursed dog of Satan
10/27/2014Blasphemous...Don't speak evil of God!
10/25/2014Permit me to Allah your posts
10/25/2014Cursed Scumbag
10/25/2014For being against people protecting their land and culture.
10/16/2014Blue font kills eyes
10/10/2014You annoy me
9/27/2014Is for the keep it real :)
9/26/2014For your comment on the plantain theread ~~ Let Freedom Ring
9/23/2014Biggest fucking retard on this entire forum and that's pretty fucking bad!
9/20/2014False teacher leading people into hellfire. woe to you that terrible day. Repent!
9/20/2014Satanist shill working hard for that 7.25. Unfortunately, beebee is fucking retarded.
9/19/2014You sure do spend lots of time Talking about God. You frightened, pathetic, little creature.
9/19/2014Droppin truth bombs that hurt prideful egos fat with beliefs!
9/19/2014The word of men to control humans - Bartontiper
9/13/2014I like your comments on religioun -- from goodmocikingbird
9/9/2014You... really are a complete idiot.
9/9/2014Red in my Head
9/7/2014Best wishes!
9/6/2014Nice replies :)
9/5/2014Keep it up
9/5/2014Advocates taking responsibility for oneself!
9/4/2014You still around? You're not wanted here, go away.
9/4/2014Love you. I'm so sorry you get so much grief from the hateful christians. They're a stunning bunch, aren't they?
9/4/2014All your problems are due to the scary Jews.
9/4/2014Dumber than a country toad and twice as ugly
9/3/2014Engages in squabble too much like a small child
9/2/2014I'm so sick of terrorist denyers.
8/31/2014Sunny Sunday green from Lil Sis :-)
8/30/2014Thanks for the support :)-ajk
8/24/2014Dogma of religion, right on ! `~Alivenz
8/23/2014Fuckwit Liberal
8/22/2014Oh snap! you pulled their bonds! kudos to you! - beverly hills ninja
8/21/2014You have wisdom. A F-D
8/18/2014Yahweh is the one true God. The Archons are fallen angels along with your gods. Wake up.
8/18/2014Soon very soon
8/17/2014Yer a fucking idiot.
8/15/2014Love you. Ignore the haters.
8/14/2014Hateful know nothing
8/8/2014Beebee, still so angry...
8/7/2014Nature, nice thread, from Terrebnne
8/7/2014Here's to you
8/6/2014Time for another green thumb abinadi…
7/31/2014I do not like you.
7/31/2014Neo nazi scum
7/27/2014You cracked me up, great response on mari j thread!,..,,.,M*walk
7/26/2014Thanks for the support
7/25/2014For your very good post in the yoga thread.. abinadi
7/19/2014FROM Jesus Christ
7/15/2014Who keeps giving you green? You're such a horrible baby killer person that you should always get red, you're a two legged monster.
7/13/2014Just rude...all the time
7/11/2014Friday green from Elemental x
7/9/2014Meet Chris....grumpier
7/4/2014For educating me on Heathens and Pagans. Ozi
7/3/2014No....Fuck YOU!
7/2/2014Ur a fucking fobbit
7/2/2014It is indeed a Christian issue.
7/2/2014Who in the world is giving you a baby killing witch and general tard green? People stop giving green to this monster!
7/2/2014Don't let the Christian hate mongers get you down. - Kai
7/2/2014Highjack thread-Christian Father
7/2/2014Take your blinders off.
7/2/2014LuV2U!! V~ aka OR/CA
7/1/2014Thanks astral goat
6/30/2014That made no sense. The whole point was the Christianity of these people and tax on Christians. I think y ou need to reread the post.
6/30/2014Fuckwit liberal
6/18/2014Beautiful mind
6/17/2014Salvation is free. ~Everything's Alright
6/15/2014Another full on athiest douche
6/14/2014Here's to Beezel Bub, clinically insane
6/13/2014Just because =}.
6/13/2014Thanks for posting on my thread! Sickandtwisted
6/11/2014Well researched.
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