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beebee's Karma

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4/20/2014False teacher
4/19/2014Silence sinner.
4/9/2014Thumbs up
4/7/2014Please think before you post.
4/7/2014With love and gratitude my friend <3 141
4/7/2014God will not be mocked. Whatsoever you sow, you will also reap. ~UAP
4/7/2014Pork eating pig full of lies
4/7/2014Dumb cunt
4/7/2014Silly woman
4/7/2014You are totally whacked!
4/3/2014The point I was going to make.
4/1/2014Uncensored posting.
4/1/2014Plays with other people's food.
3/28/2014That's the Old Testament. We live by the New Testament.
3/27/2014Know it all Shill
3/27/2014Awesome post on common law! Dog Wayne
3/27/2014Good catch on biblical law - Mr C
3/26/2014I hope you feel better soon. Ms. Superduper
3/26/2014Stir the hate
3/24/2014I dislike you.
3/24/2014Beebee- 6000 years of Man's rein then 1000 years of christ's Peace! Susie...
3/23/2014You are a turd in a punchbowl
3/23/2014Just karma
3/22/2014Devil. ~UAP
3/19/2014Tissue Scurvy....grumpier
3/19/2014I still don't like you.
3/17/2014For misquoting the Bible for your selfish reasons
3/15/2014Low IQ
3/14/2014Commie atheist marxist shill, fruit loopy
3/5/2014By George I think you got it... NFM
3/5/2014Please go away and leave GLP alone.
3/5/2014Gets it, critical spiritual thinking at it's finest, probably a jedi!
3/5/2014Another shitstain trying to pass as an intellect.
2/28/2014I believe you are a peice of shit and that is exactly what you are!
2/28/2014Your Bible quote was perfect ;-) - Teq44
2/28/2014For the inputs - abhie
2/27/2014For lying and not knowing it
2/26/2014Symbol of enslavement. AMEN. Memebers on here say she sould do as told. I guess that means kill innocent people as well.
2/25/2014Go away devil
2/23/2014For to many b/s flags.
2/21/2014I have a high IQ. High enough to realize the truth of Jesus.
2/20/2014I like the way you debate Xtians LOL
2/20/2014Nice one about death...Lekker:)
2/19/2014I like! - Salty
2/17/2014Certainly was not required
2/16/2014Faggot. You're not liked here. You WILL burn in hell.
2/14/2014For giving it to the buy bull tards, nice
2/11/2014You are certainly no messenger
2/11/2014Idiot shill.
2/9/2014Green to counter the red
2/8/2014For smacking the bible morans
2/7/2014Its well known that a virgin birth was what was required for christ, it's not a mistranslation-bright​starz
2/7/2014Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
2/6/2014A present from GAWD!!! - ITTL
2/6/2014Christianity is for dopes
2/5/2014Nice posting in "religion is useless"
2/4/2014Very funny.... I choked in my coffee while laughing....
1/31/2014Bieber is an asshole
1/29/2014You are deluded fool, taking man's word over YOUR CREATORS WORD. ~UAP
1/28/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/27/2014Watch?v=zitdkahTpgQ (youtube)
1/27/2014Thank you for asking, yes, I will pray for you! I know you hurt, but your pain will be eased.
1/26/2014Fucked up twat with a stinking queefing strikes again.
1/26/2014Admitted homosexual with a nasty fetish
1/25/2014Good threads
1/25/2014Back at you.
1/23/2014Neo Nazi satanist scum
1/20/2014Oak tree
1/19/2014Fuck off, vile cunt
1/19/2014Keep up the Lords work-LOL
1/18/2014Awesome poster :D - Bogan Bread
1/18/2014Ahhh...the "christian-tards." Never ending bullshit, isn't it? katballoo
1/18/2014Cos you're worth it
1/18/2014God and Christ Love you and want you to come home, even if you don't love yourself enough to desire it.
1/17/2014Prosper now suffer later
1/17/2014Thanks for posting Maloney...Chas
1/17/2014Warning Negative Karma Warning
1/17/2014Informative thread
1/17/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
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