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7/19/2014FROM Jesus Christ
7/15/2014Who keeps giving you green? You're such a horrible baby killer person that you should always get red, you're a two legged monster.
7/13/2014Just rude...all the time
7/11/2014Friday green from Elemental x
7/9/2014Meet Chris....grumpier
7/4/2014For educating me on Heathens and Pagans. Ozi
7/3/2014No....Fuck YOU!
7/2/2014Ur a fucking fobbit
7/2/2014It is indeed a Christian issue.
7/2/2014Who in the world is giving you a baby killing witch and general tard green? People stop giving green to this monster!
7/2/2014Don't let the Christian hate mongers get you down. - Kai
7/2/2014Highjack thread-Christian Father
7/2/2014Take your blinders off.
7/2/2014This Poster Is A Gay Porn Star... Brain Damaged At Birth, Probably From A Failed Abortion.
7/2/2014LuV2U!! V~ aka OR/CA
7/1/2014Thanks astral goat
6/30/2014That made no sense. The whole point was the Christianity of these people and tax on Christians. I think y ou need to reread the post.
6/30/2014Fuckwit liberal
6/18/2014Beautiful mind
6/17/2014Salvation is free. ~Everything's Alright
6/15/2014Another full on athiest douche
6/14/2014Here's to Beezel Bub, clinically insane
6/13/2014Just because =}.
6/13/2014Thanks for posting on my thread! Sickandtwisted
6/11/2014Well researched.
6/6/2014Jezebel Whore of Satan
6/6/2014Stunning history of the word Heathen. THANKYOU. Abinadi
6/6/2014Luciferian idiot.
6/5/2014Evil Devil
6/1/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/31/2014Kcchamps :)
5/31/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/31/2014Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, look at my Karma Whaaaaaaaaaaaa.
5/31/2014Thanks for standing up to GLP Christian. He's a terrible bully and a fanatic. - Eireann~
5/31/2014Thanks for chiming in, need to take a break. The Swede
5/31/2014Check your Inbox....
5/29/2014Jesus teabags you in your sleep
5/28/2014Step up your shill game. F+ for effort
5/28/2014Good ol' Beebs...always good for a laugh :D
5/25/2014Great point I like your logic -SteamrolledGobias
5/24/2014False teach with multiple shill accounts
5/21/2014Thank you for your sincere apology. Sorry if I offended as well! TrustNoOneKS
5/19/2014Never any facts with this clown
5/17/2014Christians are stupid... You're awesome! -MP
5/17/2014Always got your back - Kai
5/17/2014For promoting false new age crap Jesus is the only way
5/15/2014From Jesus
5/13/2014I see you're still shilling.
5/12/2014Mean spirited person who is irrational and illogical. Treat others as you'd want to be treated.
5/3/2014From Jesus
4/30/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/29/2014Christ has the seal of solomon
4/29/2014Poor reasoning
4/27/2014I always like your posts. I'm sorry you get so much hatred from the "loving Christians." Keep up the good fight!!!
4/24/2014Oh no you're back. I was like "Yes that old slag is gone, finally" and here you are again like a hemoroid.
4/23/2014Congrats on fulfilling bible prophecy
4/23/2014From Jesus.
4/21/2014Love your posts! Zip50
4/20/2014False teacher
4/19/2014Silence sinner.
4/9/2014Thumbs up
4/7/2014Please think before you post.
4/7/2014With love and gratitude my friend <3 141
4/7/2014God will not be mocked. Whatsoever you sow, you will also reap. ~UAP
4/7/2014Pork eating pig full of lies
4/7/2014Dumb cunt
4/7/2014Silly woman
4/7/2014You are totally whacked!
4/3/2014The point I was going to make.
4/1/2014Uncensored posting.
4/1/2014Plays with other people's food.
3/28/2014That's the Old Testament. We live by the New Testament.
3/27/2014Know it all Shill
3/27/2014Awesome post on common law! Dog Wayne
3/27/2014Good catch on biblical law - Mr C
3/26/2014I hope you feel better soon. Ms. Superduper
3/26/2014Stir the hate
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