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beebee's Karma

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6/20/2016Lots of love to you my friend :) 141
6/20/2016Green for calling it like it is with the god bs.
6/17/2016"God is light." 1 John 1:5. strgzr
6/7/2016Go the fuck away
5/31/2016Green for all the things we can agree on :) Sloane
5/29/2016Tenaciously stupid.
5/27/2016From Ralph--a house dog
5/27/2016Thank you, Pavana
5/27/2016Goodhippolytus quote
5/25/2016Wear that Christian red karma like a badge! I do! Zip50
5/24/2016Lost lil girl needs her daddy
5/24/2016Wolf in wolf clothing
5/24/2016I love seeing you debate christians.
5/17/2016Ewww you're back. You gnostic shithead
4/26/2016Absolute bullshit
4/26/2016Shut up lost babbling fool
4/14/2016Bad example, but sharing the abundance is spot on ;)
4/13/20161 hour from a doctor saving a life is far more valuable than 1 hour spent sweeping a floor.
4/13/2016Those with advanced mindsets get it! Good moneyh Thread
4/13/2016UBUNTU - it CAN be done
4/12/2016World without idiots? can it be done? take ur meds lost one
4/10/2016Font friggin color and size. it may have been a good thread but ....
4/10/2016Cancer thread--great info. Much I knew, but a lot of good content--UseLessRepEA​TER
4/10/2016Green, for having a soul ;)
4/10/2016Cancer thread is important...pinned for you!
4/10/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
3/22/2016Weekly red for the bitter one
3/21/2016Good points. strgzr
3/17/2016Gmigriff green!
3/15/2016Beebee who hurt you as a child? you are a bitter little person. Get some help
3/14/2016Love Ellusion :)
3/12/2016Jesus Loves you and so do I ! holyspiritwind
3/8/2016Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
2/28/2016Please go away lost one
2/28/2016I appreciate your uncommon comprehension of and support for the cause of freedom. -Navarro
2/23/2016Thanks for participating in my thread, love your imput. | The_Master
2/4/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/4/2016Karma for cheering the cops' deaths
2/4/2016Fuck you, you're a piece of shit! AmJedi! Your mother sucks cock on the dock.
2/3/2016Chanta :)
1/22/2016Glad to see you still here, beebee! - Lo Pan ^_^
1/21/2016No, and red for your color choice, doesnt show up on dark background.
1/20/2016No. u hate the biblical God. why u speak in a thread about Him??? poser
1/19/2016Love, off grid lady
1/17/2016Probably the most disgusting person on this forum
1/16/2016Really? read the bible before you spew about it.
1/11/2016Christians are lacking.
1/10/2016You are a special kind of studip!
1/6/2016Mornin, friend. -Revbo
1/6/2016Hate is not a value to hold
1/4/2016Happy New Year beebee! Hila Witkutin
1/4/2016For putting a religi-tard in their place
1/3/2016Caucasion in a painting , get over yourself cunt
1/3/2016I have literally never seen someone whose brain works in the opposite of 'sense'. It's as though you are the anti-thought, the true polar opposite of intelligence.
1/3/2016Green ~ 120 colors
1/3/2016Your sex with dolphins dream is DISGUSTING! SICKO!
1/2/2016Loser bitch!
1/2/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/30/2015Beebs don't let the Xtians put a bad taste in your mouth for the OT
12/30/2015Gnostic deceiver used to pretend to be an atheist
12/29/2015: )
12/29/2015Keep your veil on beebee, nobody wants to see your hideous mug
12/29/2015Love Ellusion :)
12/26/2015Best cannibas medical studies thread EVER! ~~~ Raye
12/22/2015Thank you for your help.. Wishing you a joyful Christmas! ... Zuzu
12/20/2015Enjoy this , as will i ... racist
12/19/2015For revealing a fragment of the truth. Ozi
12/19/2015Hell bound Jezebel cunt
12/19/2015I know you are not a hateful soul. simply a seeker of raw truth
12/18/2015No one has ever successfully proven the bible to be fake. Though hateful souls like yours try time and again.
12/17/2015Green for logic! - <3 Rubatosis
12/17/2015Nice thread, 120 colors
12/16/2015Needed something to read, Thanks -Scorpio Dangerous 1986
12/16/2015<3 om
12/13/2015Jesus said, I a the Way. The Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Me. Good luck with your own ways!
12/13/2015Always love your posts/threads, keep it up beebee! - Lo Pan
12/7/2015Smoke weed erryday C-method
12/6/2015Blind and lost idiot and retard!
12/3/2015Sick sick bitch
12/3/2015You are a sick person, seek help
12/3/2015Evolution is a lie from satan. give it up already beebee. noone takes anything you say as truth. ever
12/2/2015Why do you hate so many people? Hate is not a value to hold
12/2/2015More power! - thetoolman
11/29/2015U must practice discernment
11/25/2015For someone who doesn't believe in Jesus, you're sure obsessed with him. You got major issues.
11/24/2015Please open your heart and eyes before its too late
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