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Second Best's Karma

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3/12/2014Lame Post, Clearly Not a Brain!
3/12/2014We dont know who you are, so +1
3/10/2014Real popular here, huh?
2/17/2014People are retards! we all deserve some good Karma!! +1 :)
2/15/2014U r a homophobe. Being Anti fag doesn't make you one, it means you disagree with the filthy diseased lifestyle. ~UAP
2/9/2014You sure are one unlikeable little twat flap, aren't you?
2/6/2014Homo and NSA lover
2/2/2014Bluegum faggot
11/4/2013We sure are stupid americans! Carlin
10/29/2013Thanks for the tip. -rorschach
10/21/2013Fuck you your not going to beat me in red karma!
8/18/2013Yes! his riot would look like that! green 4 u-justtrustme
8/8/2013Funny stuff.
8/3/2013"own version of nsa" LOL
8/3/2013She says thanks for the catnip! :)
8/1/2013Very Nice ....C.C
6/30/2013First ish
6/9/2013Good point :)
6/6/2013I would like to stick my foot up your ass (no homo) you make me sick. Please do Canada a favour & just end it. Btw, how many times a day do you beat off to Justin Trudeau pics? (No homo)
5/13/2013Dave Matthews green karma! - KarinZa
5/13/2013Happy birthday for tomorrow!
5/3/2013Have you even seen Canadian drivers?
4/16/2013For throwing the BS flag in the Illum Card thread. Quit spreading your lies. Wake up dumb ass.
4/13/2013PLEASE Kill Yourself.
3/28/2013You're right duuuuude! greenTabasco
3/16/2013Here is an idea....Kill yourself
3/13/2013It's everyone's right to be a douchebag, but you're abusing that right. -1
3/13/2013Suck it, canuck.
3/13/2013Muzzie Lover !!!!
3/13/2013Shove this where I belongs you are a hate-filled idiot.
3/9/2013For Blanketsburgh!!!
3/9/2013Do the World a Service.... Kill Yourself.
3/8/2013Nice thread j&v
2/25/2013Homo mental midget....
2/25/2013Quiet canadian
2/25/2013Please Kill Yourself. Thanks.
2/22/2013False flag
12/29/2012For wishing you were an American
12/22/2012Stupid Fag, Have you ever seen a Black Cock you didn't like???
12/22/2012You're disgusting & an embarrassment to Canada!
12/15/2012Faggot, Your Boyfriend Cuckold you to a Black guy lately?
12/13/2012You're cool :D
12/9/2012Canadian dumb fuck
12/4/2012Douchebag, Hope your sent to a reeducation camp
11/25/2012Being a socialist tard. don't you have a protest to attend?
11/25/2012Hey STUPID FUCK. Lens flare may be worn out but it remains a FACT unlike your mythical nibooboo.
11/23/2012That AV!
11/22/2012Another government dependent canook leech who cannot think for himself
11/19/2012People are stupid, not guns
11/19/2012I love guns. To shoot people like you.
11/19/2012Stay out of Florida you fucking idiot!
11/19/2012Reported Abusive Post
11/19/2012True dickstain
11/16/2012Shut up dick!
10/24/2012No, but your brain is obviously pining for the fjords. -1
9/15/2012You need some green, fellow athiest. - Factual Error
9/15/2012Here is my fart in your direction fool the past is gone why support by proxy bygone mindsets while ignoring spiritual growth islam has caused them to devolve.
9/13/2012For bumping your own stupid thread.
9/13/2012Useless poster
9/12/2012Low IQ
9/10/2012When you have watched The Matrix i will retribute the +1 karma
9/8/2012Link retard!!!
8/26/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/24/2012Hi troll
8/24/2012You are an embarASSment ot Canadian GLP'ers !!! Your mother should take away your internet. Another Cliff Clavin
8/23/2012You have extremely small balls.
8/23/2012You had to have seen this coming...karmatard
8/23/2012Shut the fuck up and grow a pair!!
8/23/2012You have no balls spineless individual
8/23/2012That animation in your av has bigger balls than you
8/17/2012Pinhead not happy,, fuck you
8/13/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/10/2012Empty jar of mayo ewwwwwww LOL Martianprincess
8/10/2012Yuck, that is so icky! None the less good news, thank you-Starlit
7/31/2012That cat in your av has bigger balls than you
7/30/2012You're useless here gtfo
7/27/2012You refuse to use your brain.
7/27/2012Greeny against your Karmageddon!
7/27/2012That cat in your av has bigger balls than you
7/26/2012For the advice you gave in the budget thread....Carol B.
7/26/20121 for an Alberta Slam!
7/25/2012Read more post less.
7/25/2012Another retaded Canadian
7/24/2012If it werent for the americans you canadians might still be trying to figure out the wheel
7/20/2012Here's your reward
7/20/2012You need some green says merci
7/20/2012Stfu asshole
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