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5/25/2015Karma roLL .C.C
5/14/2015Karma roLL .C.C
5/6/2015Karma roLL .C.C
4/28/2015Hope your neck and shoulder feel better soon1
4/22/2015Hi, Michael, A r c was here ~ Aquila
4/11/2015DontBeSuchAGiantWeine​r. =)
3/26/2015Good angel.
3/23/2015It's always so nice to see you. xoxo Sloane
3/20/2015Karma roLL ..C.C
2/20/2015Have a good day Michael :) Sloane
2/3/2015Karma roLL ...C.C
1/21/2015From Bodhi
1/17/2015Green for you ~ A r c
1/4/20152015 Brother Cheers :) Emwoznice
1/1/2015Happy New Year honey :) Love Angelseverywhere
12/21/2014Happy Holidays :) Em
12/11/2014Happy Holidays ...C.C
11/28/2014Greetings ~ A r c
11/25/2014Hey there Michael! Supergreen for you! :) Sloane
11/22/2014Nice to be back Michael :) Billy
11/21/2014Hi Michael :) Love Angelseverywhere
11/18/2014Karma roLL ..C.C
11/7/2014Moon love for you Michael. Hugs, Sloane
10/31/2014I feel the need to pass out Karma - Mr C
10/26/2014Thumbs up for music ^^ - BHZP
10/22/2014Karma roLL ...C.C
10/7/2014Hi honey :) Love Angelseverywhere
9/6/2014Karma RoLL ....C.C
8/11/2014Karma roLL ....C.C
7/26/2014If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up. :)- ~Christine~
7/23/2014Nice to see you on the energy thread :) ~TH
7/22/2014Welcome to the Jukebox ....C.C
7/15/2014Stay cool ~ A r c t u r u s
7/5/2014This life is your gift to yourself...Open it! :)- ~Christine~
6/27/2014Thanks! Who is Blue Fairy
6/14/2014Some Karma love 4 u! :)- ~Christine~
6/5/2014Good timesâ¦.
5/26/2014You're the retard
5/23/2014Have a great weekend michael :) Love Angelseverywhere
5/6/2014Hello Michael :) Love Angelseverywhere
4/29/2014Run with the wolves - xenophon
3/30/2014How ya been man? Green for you friend :) Boots
3/28/2014We don't have to be great before we start, we have to start to be great. :) Hugs, ~Christine~
3/19/2014Hi Michael! :) Love Angelseverywhere
3/11/2014Oldest Crown Contribution.. Sir Griffo
3/10/2014Good post Green Karma From Gonviral
3/4/2014Thunderbusting Karma ~ A r c t u r u s
3/3/2014Greetings from ANHEDONIC
2/27/2014Love Angelseverywhere (((hugs)))
2/16/2014Blessings! :)- ~Christine~
2/13/2014Kærlige hilsner og hils Danmark fra mig <3 141
2/8/2014Karma Boote :)
2/5/2014Love Angelseverywhere
2/2/2014I LOL'd. -pi :D
1/12/2014Karma Hugs! :)- ~Christine~
1/8/2014Greenery from pi :)
1/2/2014Nobody trolls earn thier red
1/1/2014Happy new year, love orbs
12/30/2013Happy New Year Karma Hugs!! :)- ~Christine~
12/29/2013Hi Michael! Have a great week :) Love Angelseverywhere
12/26/2013Hope you have a wonderful new year! JinxyMcD
12/18/2013So awesome to see you. ~Una~
12/11/2013Much love to you Michael :) Love Angelseverywhere
12/7/2013You left this at me place, hon!! :)- ~Christine~
11/29/2013Karma Boot :)_ ``````` Have a great weekend Billy
11/27/2013Hi Michael! Have a great holiday :) Love Angelseverywhere
11/26/2013Denmark sounds cool
11/26/2013Green from pi :)
11/25/2013Ah, so you are a fellow NOOBody,LOL....en-eng​`ko Martin
11/23/2013ANUBIS weighs the feather of MAAT against YOUR HEART. She IS JUSTICE
11/20/2013To learning to play the Guitar!
11/19/2013You are correct. Trolls need love to. Much love to you my friend. ~Una~
11/15/2013Cheers Michael Boots
11/14/2013NOOBdy spammer
11/14/2013Your 8 bits of music = 1 slice of Karma! Thanks! JinxyMcD
11/12/2013Hi Michael :) It was really nice to see you on the thread (((hugs))) Love Angelseverywhere
11/7/2013Karma sugar time! :)- ~Christine~
10/29/2013Green for you, acuk
10/28/2013Happy Halloween - phi
10/27/2013Sending you some karma love.... :)- ~Christine~
10/24/2013Howdy Michael! prep some dubvious coffee for me would you please? JinxyMcD
10/24/2013Green love. from pi :)
10/16/2013Many blessings to you Michael! Love Angelseverywhere
10/14/2013I still press your letters to my lips <3
10/12/2013Karma Hugs! :)- ~Christine~
10/10/2013A boot for an old friend :)_ ~~~~
10/7/2013Missed ya Michael :) Love Spirit666
10/7/2013Thank you so much for visiting the Zoo of Blue! JinxyMcD
10/6/2013Mornin'. :) from pi / Az
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