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Johnthewitness's Karma

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3/20/2012Regarding true Israel in 2018. >>Muzzle
3/17/2012Another BULLSHIT, Izzy Loving , Cxristain nonsense post
3/2/2012So wrong
2/3/2012Bibletard racist!
1/30/2012Indeed, wolves and sheep bleed red. Mixing has failed
1/29/2012Thanks for the time you put into the thread about 9/11 being obvious - [Expertofsound] God bless you!
1/28/2012Don't fuck with Gaga, we will come after you
1/27/2012Very deep about the Bible prophecies. Amy A
1/27/2012For all your hard work and love of Truth - GTG
1/13/2012Go back too Dark Ages you F*ck!
12/28/2011For your post about Isreal. Whether you're right or not, it's an eye-opener that deserves attn. God bless! - Dease
12/16/2011You're actually insane. Schizoprenic to be exact
12/16/2011You need serious help....but I guess you'd rather go on a killing spree in the name of your fanatical God....
12/5/2011Good post

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