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I AM TOM's Karma

Total: 23 (23  User Votes) and 12

3/30/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/30/2013To counteract the -2 coming at you, you know those threads aren't acceptable.
3/30/2013K4u from acegotflows
3/30/2013Thanks for karma, here's a return ~ Tigershield
3/30/2013Bouncing elephant :)
3/30/2013I will give u red karma if u want
12/8/2012Is Gramma cuckolding Grandpa Tom....Fuckin retard
12/1/2012I hope you are well- acegotflows
11/28/2012Bad spelling but good person!
11/28/2012Nice try pukeboy
11/28/2012It's so good to see you Tom. Glad you are ok!
11/28/2012Never whine about Karma! You will really get it then if you do.
11/28/2012To offset the red, here is green for you :)
11/28/2012For Not Using Capslock
11/28/2012Awww poor wittle baby got a wed thumb?
11/28/2012Your Cap Locks is broken :(
11/28/2012For truth! Sloane
11/28/2012Oh fuck .... look, another karmatard
11/28/2012Hi Tom, be safe. ;-`) And take good care of Gramma!!! -w_nb
12/6/2011You shall be ungrounded soon enough.
12/6/2011Something good karma for you today, Tom. sta
12/5/2011You're a nice break from the normal! Stay kind. rorriM|Mirror
11/30/2011Karma for you, my friend. You may not agree with everything I say, but that's okay.
11/27/2011Welcome have fun! :) Taralilly
11/27/2011Hi Tom my Diswazhas Bwoked Kan u Fiks it? Zero Point
11/26/2011Welcome to GLP...
11/26/2011Welcome tom happy late turkey day =) "psyco)
11/26/2011Just have fun and don't worry about the jerks! KateCan :)
11/26/2011Just take your capitol letter lock off. good Karma to cancel the bad. Nickadeemus®

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