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9/14/2012I don't like GLP
9/14/2012Because you are love, 141
9/12/2012Good heart AND rocker chick - perfect combo. Sloane
9/12/2012Fucking shill/troll.
9/12/2012Angels dont encourage mental illness, they HELP
9/12/2012Such a mean,disrespectful Person/troll/shill
9/11/2012Spirit karma for an angel!
9/11/2012U smell good
9/11/2012New Buddy Karma & for your posts! <3 BDE
9/9/2012Much Love Angels Joey was here :)
9/8/2012Cosmic <3
9/7/2012Much love to you! ~ e1
9/6/2012Much love! ..11:11..
9/6/2012For just your serene precense....shadow
9/6/2012Love a good laugh - Blaze
9/5/2012Good answer- acegotflows
9/5/2012Greetings, Iolair ;)
9/5/2012Check your batteries
9/4/2012LOL. What the other wrote and you deleted. "Narcissistic Troll"
9/4/2012Spirit karma;)
9/3/2012Like Mindedness
9/2/2012Just bea-cause :)
8/31/2012You are a beautiful person ~ Beso
8/29/2012For 'Daughter of the Creator'
8/29/2012Lovely thread..
8/29/2012Thanks Angel , for who you are:) from Softkitty
8/29/2012I loved Scarred Girl! thanks for sharing! :)
8/29/2012For laughter! Sloane
8/29/2012Scarred Girl...Beautiful! CowgirlK
8/28/2012Not everyone's roleplaying hon ;)
8/26/2012Jeckyl n hyde issues
8/25/2012Love one another Gonviral
8/24/2012A lovely spirit you are...smells nice...like a rose! hehe
8/23/2012Much love to you and yours my friend! from ..11:11..
8/22/2012Just bea-cause :)
8/22/2012From Apollo
8/21/2012Your energy is not bad either :p /Michael
8/18/2012For being honest and kind awesome music
8/18/2012Dot dot dot :)
8/17/2012Luv angels! - SS
8/17/2012He She Nobody crap
8/17/2012Love power! Anarchytype
8/16/2012Spreading the love ;)
8/16/2012All my love. <3 You are beautiful. -Seer
8/16/2012Thank you Angels, nice to meet you too!!!! ~ Beso
8/16/2012I love your "spirit" :-)
8/14/2012Billy was by droppin green :)
8/14/2012D Thanx :) Anima
8/14/2012Your life matters!~Luna
8/13/2012Circle K? WHAT IS REALLY GONING ON? Gonviral
8/13/2012Aloha - seer
8/13/2012He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. Much Love! 11.11.11
8/11/2012Angels! I like what you bring to the site. ~ Jaded
8/9/2012Luv ya angels! SoS
8/7/2012Karma will come for you when least expected..keep that in mind when being rude to others
8/7/2012Haven't given you green in a long time, RIOT! /Michael
8/7/2012The Rock With Long Hair!!!!
8/5/2012Hugs to you - Blue Skies :)
8/5/2012Green love from bea nameless <3
8/4/2012Most Beautiful Soul On Glp -Jay ;)
8/4/2012Lol, thank you. It was a bit naughty :D - Debauchery
8/4/2012Good comment in the she thread angels...Marty
8/4/2012Well said in the she thread angels...Marty
8/4/2012Much Love Angels 0: ) Billy
8/4/2012Much love today and always! 11.11.11
8/1/2012Rhiannon. <3 -Seer
7/31/2012Passive aggressivenss is BAD..when will u open ur eyes little one?
7/24/2012Your lovely
7/21/2012Blue Skies sends some green your way :)
7/21/2012What the person below said..
7/20/2012Some green karma for ya - Lotus Flower x
7/15/2012From Apollo
7/15/2012Karma for u from Gonviral
7/15/2012The mysteries of vibration
7/13/2012New age liar
7/13/2012Ty, from 12.21.12
7/13/2012Lotus Flower xxx
7/12/2012She cool, yeeaah she aight
7/11/2012LPal likes G6
7/10/2012Feelin the vibes rise - thanks for your positive words! - MI
7/10/2012Bad person
7/9/2012I love you Angels. Path
7/8/2012Blue Skies sends love
7/8/2012Good one, love that song! Tara
7/7/2012Ka-Tet old friend. Try to put out some water for the birds in your essention environment that surrounds you. They need right not. Feed the also, if you can. Love and Light AE. Phase
7/6/2012Without the s
7/6/2012Karma from gonviral
7/6/2012Great comments, Desert Fox
7/4/2012Follow your intuition
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