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7/4/2012Cuz you're radiant
7/2/2012Beautiful Angels
7/2/2012U dont know
7/2/2012SoS wuz here
7/1/2012Because you are hotter than a heat wave
6/30/2012You're beautiful...inside and out!~Luna
6/29/2012Reality check honey, You appear moronic insisting on asinine hallucinations as gospel truth. Bottom line, your impetuous behavior exposes you to be a outcast charlatan ticking in a pessimistic existen
6/29/2012For u2 MURK9
6/28/2012Love Blue Skies
6/27/2012She's already sleepwalking and it make me cry.
6/26/2012Go to sleep
6/26/2012You are truly a wonderful person Angel....Being Mindful
6/25/2012For the 'sacred old soul' ~ Truly
6/25/2012Just cos
6/24/2012Love for you Angels - Tzar
6/22/2012Keep exposing Una for the liar she is. I can't believe how she exposed herself as a fraud and liar and everyone accepted it. Keep it up. People are paying attention.
6/21/2012Me so horny, me so HORNY. me love you long time. you party?
6/20/2012Green Love because you are simply and completely amazing. -Seer
6/20/2012From Lotus xxx
6/20/2012Karma love from Blue Skies
6/19/2012Most passive aggressive person I have met.
6/18/2012GREAT REPLY. Desert Fox here.
6/18/2012For being positive - TY
6/15/2012Happy Friday! ~IndigoSerenity76~
6/14/2012Not your friend
6/14/2012Thank You for your beautiful threads <3 ~e1
6/14/2012I like you=seer
6/12/2012Love To 415 - from 316
6/12/2012Miss tricky and her pity party, so pathetic.
6/12/2012I am not a empath or anything and am not great at reading people, but I always feel like you are a genuinely good person with a good heart when I read your posts! PB
6/11/2012Great post...Karma from Gonviral
6/11/2012Hug /Michael
6/9/2012For the light that you shine
6/7/2012Just because your an aries too!
6/6/2012I like your topic in "What changed"...like your style as well.
6/6/2012Yep, higher energy effective more so than ever! thxs for this post
6/6/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/5/2012Luv you angels - SoS
6/5/2012Lotsa love from Path!
6/5/2012For eye-opening realizations! - ANHEDONIC
6/5/2012Such good vibes here!
6/4/2012Always Positive Karma 4 Angels(~), tSJ
6/4/2012Green for you!!! :) cheleve
6/4/2012What Changed? More positive vibes coming through :-) --sTTsTTT
6/4/2012Energy For You+++++++ Love You :)
6/4/2012A Gift For My Beautiful Angel- Black Demon
5/31/2012Karma luv 4 U~DH:)
5/31/2012Hers some karma from Gonviral
5/29/2012Blue Skies was here
5/29/2012Rude & Nasty
5/29/2012Its good to be ALIVE and in Love w Love itself, Marty en`eng`ko
5/28/2012Yoy liek trees :) baba cha
5/26/2012Just cos
5/25/2012For supporting the multiple accounter, take this! -1
5/24/2012Enough with the HE and SHE garbage
5/24/2012Keep up the love Angels. You know who..
5/23/2012Good karma; From: Alien Commander Omd I
5/21/2012For being angels
5/20/2012Too Sassy. Be humble before your God. It slays Angels as well, you know?
5/19/2012True people of God aren't sassy..be more nicer to people.
5/19/2012Strawberry karma!
5/19/2012Love Marty Angels
5/17/2012Mumuhug :)
5/14/2012Love you Angels. -Seer
5/13/2012Ka-Tet. Phase
5/13/2012Good Vibes Angels :) Empyrean
5/13/2012Heres my karma..Gonviral
5/11/2012Much Love 2U from 11.11.11
5/11/2012Too Sassy. Be humble before your God. It slays Angels as well, you know?
5/9/2012For no reason! /Michael :D
5/9/2012Love and hugs Blue Skies
5/9/2012A time to laugh and heal, Marty
5/8/2012For putting our "mother" in her place. fucking newagetards i tell ya
5/5/2012Ka-Tet Gunslinger. Phase
5/4/2012From Mortal Epiphany
5/4/2012Putting dubstep and happy stuff while you should be grieving and empathizing. You're a kid with conditional love
5/3/2012Hahaha~ I didn't wanna refresh the page to see if anyone responded to me cuz I was enjoying the song you just posted! :)
5/2/2012From Uncle Mikey!
5/2/2012316- :)
4/30/2012Do-well karma 4u
4/29/2012Thanks for the advice. - Dease
4/28/2012Thanks Angels! Marax
4/28/2012Iambe is free, far as I know
4/26/2012U not WOS
4/26/2012Shut the fuck up, She is stalking Gooderboy and so are You Loser, I've been here a decade!
4/25/2012Somethings wrong! I haven't given you green in over a week! so here goes /Michael
4/22/2012Jesus loves you.
4/22/2012Thats awesome, very cute. now you know more knowledge to ya!
4/22/2012Shut the fuck up dude.
4/19/2012Love ya Angels! - Path
4/19/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/18/2012For your sweetness, my weakness
4/15/2012Happy Birthday Sending Love & Good Energy ..! Yolgnu.
4/15/2012Happy Birthday-Blue Skies
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