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Una Estrella de los Bandidos's Karma

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2/12/2013Ka-Tet. We are well met Gunslinger. Phase
4/8/2012White whore
4/8/2012For being kind and lovely!!
4/8/2012If only :)
4/4/2012Flyby green....AZwonders
4/1/2012Driveby Karma
3/27/2012Awesome! Reader
3/26/2012Timeato plants. That was good. Thanks for the most intelligent thing on that entire thread - Okie
3/26/2012Just because your avatar pic is so pretty. ;-`) -wnb
3/25/2012Love the hair in your avatar! Azwoners
3/23/2012Love the spiderman thread pics lol
3/23/2012Joint initiative U.S.D.H.S.D.C.T.D, Love It - Doominicus Maximus
3/23/2012WHORE , Bet your 200 lbs . Nice stock photo
3/22/2012Nice Map (USMC0369)
3/22/2012Usually hate blue hair but it is fitting on your avatar
3/22/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/22/2012For the Twin Towers Picture, INSIDE JOB...How many have been Murdered since ?
3/22/2012No, not funny.
3/22/2012Fucking CUNT you think the twin towers is funny? I lost a vbery good friend there!
12/6/2011Good Video - Acts Of Thomas
12/6/2011Good video
12/2/2011Lol that's funny-lightwarrior11
12/2/20111 for your comment on muslimlikeproductions​-thread! Lmfao! -C35A
12/1/2011Fucking funny

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