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2/11/2014Steady :)
2/11/2014Hang in there. Oyster
2/10/2014You are just too sweet! Paige
2/10/2014As are you! How couldn't you be with a name like Jambi?! :) AnonymousGirl
2/10/2014Tag. Your it! <3 Stormy
2/9/2014Reported Abusive Post
2/9/2014Thank you for 'getting it'.... (((hugs))) -ladyannie
2/9/2014Love you always krystle ann
2/9/2014Be good. :D calx
2/7/2014Great avatar 8) ~ Beetlejuice
2/7/2014Some green for one of the most artistic minds on glp, you rock, love and hugs acuk/orbs
2/6/2014What's up Jinxy? Fire Watch~
2/6/2014Heya darlin' I'm doiung good, been busy with school so i haven't had much time to lurk around here. Hope you are well too!,.,...,M*walk
2/5/2014Nice new name! nah :)
2/4/2014Reported Abusive Post
2/4/2014Hope your week is going great!... my 2 cents
2/2/2014Happy Sunday! So happy that you put up with my crazxy ass. Paige :)
2/2/2014Hello Jinx! It is always good to talk to you. You always have great posts and I enjoy all of them! Keep up the good work! <3 Stormy
1/31/2014You fucking rule over all and everything ~thetruthmonger
1/31/2014Karma chameleon astral g
1/30/2014You're awesome!-Evan
1/29/2014Sister love. -Krystle
1/29/2014Reported Abusive Post
1/29/2014Such a fun poster! nah <3
1/25/2014Lovely. pool
1/25/2014Sweet, funny girl. Love you to death. Paige
1/24/2014Kinect was here! :)
1/24/2014Post MOAR! :D calx
1/24/2014Back your way....all the best....my 2 cents
1/22/2014Go jinxsay-brightstarz
1/22/2014Love your bearded boyscout avatar girlfriend! ~ gv
1/22/2014Liking Jinxy McDeath seems too mainstream now.
1/22/2014Your avatar... LOL!!! ~Stoned G
1/22/2014And if we close our eyes..
1/22/2014Its the usual green time. <3 Stormy.
1/21/2014Cutie pie! nah <3
1/21/2014Reported Abusive Post
1/20/2014Karma back atcha anonymously :) but you know who this is
1/20/2014Jinxy, you never fail to be entertaining ;-). xoxo LaniJane
1/20/2014And hello to you, too! Happy New Year! retiredsoldier
1/20/2014Xoxoxoxox ~ Simple27 : )
1/20/2014Backatcha Kinxy! You're a riot! ~Chip!
1/19/2014I don't really know you, but your posts spread positivity so I'm a fan! :) AnonymousGirl
1/19/2014You are the best, Jinxy! Fire Watch~~
1/19/2014Acula sent this
1/18/2014You are so special. Paige.
1/18/2014You are too cute lol - Hijinnx
1/17/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
1/16/2014Thanks! - Wrath Of Luna
1/16/2014Good karma for an awesome poster! :D calx
1/15/2014Baby Box
1/15/2014Jinxy, you are precious! krystal
1/15/2014Good for you bringing us this thread :) .. beautiful man! dawa
1/15/2014Baby box...a big 5 stars...Chas
1/15/2014Nice!! :)
1/15/2014You're a good person Jinxy :) - Nem
1/15/2014Jinxy :)
1/15/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/14/2014You are quite simply . . . amazing. Wishing you the best in life. :) Sloane
1/14/2014Love the puppytar! nah <3
1/14/2014Here is the red I promised you. <3 Stormy
1/11/2014Karma Hugs!....>>>>Settle4I​t<<<<
1/11/2014<3 love mah jinx ~krystle
1/10/2014Much love Jinx! Kinect
1/10/2014Have some green :) VR-4
1/10/2014Fav artist on glp :D -bightstarz
1/10/2014Some love and hugs from acuk, now orbs :)
1/10/2014Right back atchya! todays tom sawyer, he gets high on you! with space he invades he gets by on you, doo doo doodle doo doo no his mind is not for rent, to any god or government...
1/10/2014Stop lying! Paige :)
1/9/2014She's crafty! ~ gf
1/9/2014Green for such a sweet soul!!!! xoxo, KarinZa
1/8/2014For "jinxing" me!! You rock!! ~ Simple27 : )
1/8/2014Backatcha Jinxy! ~Chip
1/8/2014Green to replace red ~thetrumomger
1/8/2014Green against the tards red
1/8/2014I'm not a liar bitch
1/7/2014Just because... cp
1/6/2014Thank you for the kindness!! PB :)
1/6/2014You Rock. ExploringTheTruth
1/6/2014Hey Jinxy-always enjoy your posts-Fire Watch~~
1/6/2014Because you are the prettiest coolest most awesomest lady to ever grace GLP (as far as i'm concerned) - love/light
1/6/2014Thanks for the laughs!-Evan...aka Dibbles
1/6/2014You have a very beautiful soul! - Adi Parashakti
1/5/2014Awesome crush graphic with the tin hats -astral G
1/4/2014Always awesome. Oyster
1/2/2014Karma RoLL ....C.C
1/2/2014Happy new year -Acula
1/2/2014Mrs Mcdeath Rocks! ~CigarTigher
1/2/2014I like your little banner
1/2/2014Happy New Year, Jinxy! <3 LaniJane
1/1/2014Happy New Year! Brief :)
1/1/2014Happy New Year - Dace =-)
12/31/2013Happy Happy, Jinxy dear! Wishing you a marvelous 2014...morgan
12/31/2013Happy new year darling!! eekers
12/31/2013Happy New Year! Paige.
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