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abrock's Karma

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8/7/2016Journalism comment is spot on - ih
7/18/2015Lazy teachers :)
12/14/2014Thank you for your prayers :) AnonymousGirl
10/18/2014Some green for you! ( Music Man)
9/28/2014Great posts on Luis' thread!! ( Music Man)
9/16/2014A delightful sweet individual (Music Man)
8/18/2014Green today! ~ ancha
8/14/2014I'm still laughing!!! Thank you!!!! KarinZa
8/13/2014For the Amazon thread. I needed some laughs. <3 Doomish
2/26/2014Thanks juju!! ibyte on 2
1/28/2014Jesus licks your mother's taint.
1/11/2014Geez Louise. That expression for some reason always makes me smile. :)
1/10/2014May this New Year bring all of us what we contemplate within our own hearts. <3 Much love! ..11:11..
10/25/2013At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want. Much Love! : ) ..11:11..
10/14/2013I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars. Much Love! ..11:11..
9/14/2013Music is harmony, harmony is perfection, perfection is our dream, and our dream is Love. Much love! ..11:11..
9/12/2013Those were the days....
8/16/2013Thanks for sharing -SteamrolledGobias
7/25/2013Very well presented.
6/27/2013Zimmerman thread - WSP
6/20/2013You currently have 2 karma votes available. (Gift Green 4U) Much love! ..11:11..
5/13/2013May your future be, filled with love and great abundance. ..11:11..
11/21/2012"It's a sculpture of Jesus breaking the bonds of Earth" - Bingo!
10/23/2012Cobb ;-)
10/12/2012For a fellow Cajun ;-)
10/11/2012I like to suck dick too
9/18/2012Green for you for the sinkhole update post. THANKS !
9/18/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/9/2012I agree with everything that was said
2/7/2012NIP green = JUJU red :(
2/1/2012Some green to start you off ar15-nut
1/20/2012Thanks for the Karma --- Here is one for you friend --- xoxo V-Honey
1/6/2012Thank you, from Tiger.
1/1/2012Cause you don't have very much
12/31/2011For the beautiful comments inre to my sister's passing, thank u ~in5d
12/30/2011Happy soul like me
12/22/2011Pedophila is berry bad.
12/20/2011For telling Climate Change tard the truth. Oh and Al Baby is full of manure. -- Lorax :D
12/19/2011Answered prayer
12/17/2011Thanks - Turtle

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