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WTF_is_a_Moniker's Karma

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9/23/2013You are one sick demented scum from the bowels of the earth
9/23/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/25/2013Your going to regret your life
8/12/2013What is the matter with you? You did not learn respect? Of course you will always be young so your lack of empathy is understandable.
6/17/2013Hit THIS fuckstain!
2/26/2013Epic fail!!!! Way to out your self as a homo retard
2/19/2013Well said. Sean of the Dead
2/19/2013Thanks! *cheers* - ANHEDONIC
2/19/2013What is your logic for being an asshole ?? Oh you just are one.
2/19/2013Couldn't agree with you more, BTW ~ Gigolo Jesus
2/18/2013For brain function, from the loophole :)
2/18/2013For the Jeebus thread. -Capt. Ivan Danko
2/18/2013Jesus was here!
2/17/2013Aussie asshole
2/17/2013You need some balance
2/17/2013Sick bastard.
2/17/2013Bad bad bad - lay off the psychotropics
2/16/2013You suck!....Bad
1/19/2012Its only a fuckign movie (for balance)
1/19/2012Sick. Immoral.
1/13/2012Welcome to the *light
1/10/2012Liked the sinkhole post. thanks, morgan
1/9/2012You've just been Poppadoppolised!
1/9/2012Aussie men like other mens testicles.
1/6/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)

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