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HNC0601's Karma

Total: 14 (14  User Votes) and 2

1/17/2017Your best alien pal - Kai
1/5/2017D - Kai
1/4/2015Please join us for a greyby new year celebration. - Kai
8/27/2013Green for an awesome person! PB
8/23/2013Pretty pic! thx for sharing - Indysmindy
3/25/2013A peaceful green from azaxo ;P
3/24/2013Love and Light, you matter... Thanks :o) 141
4/2/2012So naive with the sickening sweet liberal white guilt agenda
4/1/2012Hate is destructive and roots from self hate
4/1/2012We're just returning the hatred. We have been dealing with it for over 50 years... We're sick of it!
3/28/2012For love 141
2/21/2012For your contribution

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