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Kayak Pulling Kayak's Karma

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4/3/2016Your stupiddddddddd thread.
4/12/2014Very good point!
10/27/2013Thanks...the bouncing elephant :)
10/27/2013I Kayaked all Summer in the UK. I love it :) WeAreOne.
8/28/2013This douchebag is a Cockeater! Gobble gobble gobble...Hahaha!
8/9/2013Your name
1/29/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/14/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/28/2012Glad you liked the Florida joke ;) Ayr
11/21/2012For treating your employees well. /calx
11/18/2012For posting on my thread... person445
11/13/2012Rasist arrogant fuck
11/13/2012Lol awesome farm comment ar15-nut
11/13/2012Ignorant and racist
11/12/2012Thank you for the good karma back in January. :) Strawberrymittens
10/30/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
10/14/2012Right on., moran!
10/13/2012I'd be a gay astonaut with Colbert, too. If only he had a vag. ;) - Anaiah
10/3/2012Kona roast please...gonviral
9/26/2012Maybe fat people laugh at your ugly face, never think you are better than others ,because you are not
9/16/2012Sucking up to apollo, an open satanist. idiot
9/10/2012For Sea Side -Dr. Acula
6/25/2012Hey Kayak have a great week! dragunov_1977
6/18/2012Have a great week Kayak ! :) dragunov_1977
6/10/2012Have a pleasent sunday Kayak :) dragunov_1977
6/2/2012Watch out for the zombie flash mobs Kayak! dragunov_1977
5/31/2012For Your Will Smith Post! God Bless <3 BDE
5/23/2012Have fun whatever you do! :) dragunov_1977
5/20/2012LOL I liked that one too.
5/15/2012J smith was a con man
5/12/2012Have a kayaky saturday Kayak :) dragunov_1977
5/10/2012Thanks for posting on my thread! D'Light
5/5/2012Happy kayaking! dragunov_1977
5/4/2012Karma for u from Gonviral
4/30/2012Thanks...Lookin' 4ward to their new album later in the year!
4/26/2012Have a great weekend kayak :) dragunov_1977
4/23/2012Human-propelled water craft rock! Good kharma for you! -w_nb
4/23/2012I miss the tree days too... That made me laugh too much.
4/17/2012Green for the kayak guy! dragunov_1977
4/13/2012Melochanolia *gag* but good karma for asking what others thought about it! -- AnalyticalMind
4/7/2012Looooozer 'She can harvest my organ anyday' Thought u were better n dat looooozer
4/5/2012That time again! +1 dragunov_1977
4/4/2012See pm realy sorry bout what I've done I wrong click its all over
4/4/2012OK have a hit of Green from MURK9
4/4/2012Karma "Technazi"
4/3/2012Because you said this..."Beat that lying little bastard until he starts telling the truth" -Chopinrocks
4/3/2012Good Karma to you from the GREEN room, Strangela
4/3/2012Green Hugs from Spazz
4/3/2012You get what you give, whether it's bad or good...but here's a good 1...crazybud
4/2/2012Dumb Kayak, Dumb
3/31/2012From Green Room With Love - Balthuuu
3/31/2012GR -Stealth521
3/31/2012Green time..Gdchappy :)
3/31/2012From vader999
3/29/2012You're a faggot cunt
3/26/2012Green to you- dragunov_1977
3/10/2012If you dont like lisa's threads stay off them. i am sure she does not pursue you.
3/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/11/2012Bought a 15-22 based on this post. Thank you!
2/5/2012Just trying to spread some truth - welfare
2/2/2012Bad bad bad u should strive to improve your posts on glp NUTRAMAC
1/31/2012This will not replace your job man,,,, but thx for the excellent reply,,,,,hitndahedfr​ed
1/15/2012Great minds think alike
1/13/2012Karma blessings from Akeldama
1/11/2012Ty lol, welfare
1/10/2012Yea, Fuck sports! Marax :D
1/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/3/2012Back at ya! Marax
1/3/2012You think only with your DICK head.
12/29/2011Re: Uncle Mikey's Research - Previews..IRQ_1
12/29/2011If you see a cross in the sky, rest assured that it is a man made illusion....True!...*​from CrissCross
12/29/2011Lmao thanks no im not btw, welfare
12/27/2011"pics or it didnt happen" That was funny.
12/26/2011Thanks for the support. -GP
12/26/2011For being a glp vaper! ixtab
12/23/2011Merry Christmas Fatalw1shes
12/23/2011Disinfo Agent
12/23/2011Saw boobies and started rambling... LoL - RoXY

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