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shenue's Karma

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12/18/2016Hey shenue, nice to see you on the solar thread, isis One
9/30/2016Solar karama just cause - madajs
9/2/2016Solar karma - madajs
9/1/2016Nice to see you back shenue!! Isis One
1/1/2016Happy New Year shenue!!!
12/30/2015Solar Green_GeoStorm
12/29/2015Happy Holidays Sweetie, Isis One
12/29/2015Solar green - mistersplinter
12/21/2015Merry Christmas and God Bless - with love WhiteAngel
12/18/2015Happy Holidays shenue, Isis One
12/5/2015Holiday Green! ~ Simple27 : )
11/24/2015Big Hugs & Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Simple27 : )
10/31/2015Halloween Green shenue! Isis One
10/12/2015Way back in a simpler time green here. ~Z
8/14/2015Happy Friday sweetie, Isis One
5/18/2015Nice to have you back, Isis One
2/14/2015Happy Valentine's Day - WhiteAngel
2/12/2015Good afternoon here Shenue! ~Z
1/29/2015Good Morning, Shenue! Peace & Blessings.- sol reflector
1/13/2015Happy New Year! Peace & Blessings.-Sol Reflector
12/25/2014Merrry Christmas, Shenue! ChiaPet
12/16/2014Solar green - mistersplinter
12/15/2014Holiday Karma, friend!-Sol Reflector
12/8/2014Howdy, Sol Sister!-sol reflector
11/27/2014Turkey Time!!~Z
11/24/2014Solar green - mistersplinter
11/22/2014Good green to our beautiful Shenue. chiaPet
11/20/2014Hi and thanks finley
11/17/2014Green for you - whiteangel
11/17/2014Solar green - mistersplinter
11/13/2014Mtn mang!
11/7/2014Green for you - WA
10/29/2014Green back to you, beautiful! ChiaPet
10/25/2014Happy X flares shenue, isis one
10/21/2014God Bless - whiteangel
10/9/2014Solar green - mistersplinter
10/9/2014Green hug to Shenue! ChiaPet
9/16/2014Hi Shenue! Hope you are well. ChiaPet
9/12/2014Hi she ....finley :)
9/12/2014Solar green - whiteangel
8/26/2014Blessings - whiteangel
8/9/2014Always nice to hear from you. Hugs! ~ Simple27 : )
7/16/2014Thanks where have you ben
7/10/20141 magnetic field article imjustsayin barbara
7/10/2014Top of the moring to ya shenue!! Uhm,...well almost anyway. ~Z
7/6/2014Green hug - whiteangel
7/6/2014Karma Hug! ~ Simple27 : )
6/25/2014Big green hug to you too, Shenue! ChiaPet.
6/24/2014Hello where have you been finley
6/24/2014Karma Hug! ~ Simple27 : )
6/14/2014Right back at ya! ~ Simple27 : )
6/14/2014<3 ~ 66
6/4/2014Xxxooo ~ 66
6/3/2014Green hugs to you too hon - whiteangel
6/3/2014Hugs back to you my friend! ~ Simple27 : )
6/3/2014Good morning Shenue! ~Z
5/30/2014Hey, Shenue, time for some good green! Love, ChiaPet
5/17/2014Green hugs to Shenue! ChiaPet
5/15/2014<3 ~ 66
4/19/2014Green to lovely Shenue! Happy Easter. Chiapet
4/16/2014Love Simple27 : )
4/14/2014More green karma for the sol crew!!! - joinca
4/7/2014Long-time SolarSister : ) - 'Cesium.
3/25/2014Hi Shenue! Always nice to see your morning greetings! Chiapet
3/23/2014Karma Hugs to you!! ~ Simple27 : )
3/20/2014Solar equinox green, Isis One
3/20/2014Green Karma_GeoStorm
3/20/2014Me too 66
3/11/2014Solar Karma shenue, Isis One
2/27/2014Happy Solar Karma shenue, Isis One
2/25/2014Green Hugs To You! ~ Simple27 : )
2/20/2014Hugs, whiteangel
2/7/2014So nice to see you on the solar thread shenue, Isis One
2/6/2014Green for shen-shad sonic tonic
2/6/2014Green Karma_GeoStorm
1/30/2014Hey Shenue, green to you! Chiapet
1/30/2014Green karma hug for you! ~ Simple27 : )
1/3/2014From a solar lurker to another, happy healthy peaceful 2014 - curiosisSolsis
1/1/2014Happy New Year, Shenue! Cute Avatar! ChiaPet.
1/1/2014Happy New Year, shenue! Peace to you in 2014!-hugh
12/29/2013Good Morning Sunshine Girl! Happy New Year to you and yours! ~Z
12/25/2013Happy Holidays shenue, Isis One
12/19/2013Karma catch-up. mtn mang
12/6/2013Hey shenue,...Green for You. ~Z
12/5/2013Green to you, Shenue. Love ChiaPet
12/2/2013Solar green {optimum judgment}
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