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4/23/20131 to another female in IT. I'm a DBA. props to you :-) ~Tandym
3/6/2013Very good. Avoid the false paradigm and call it what it is!
2/13/2013For not watching TV for over 20 years, I'v done it only for 8, and thought I was an oldie at it. Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
1/31/2013Thanks for the calculator
1/12/2013Thank you for your contribution! - CoTA
1/5/2013Fuck you
12/2/2012Just keeping the ball rolling
11/17/2012Cuz you deserve it
11/8/2012Little socialist Bee, getting all the freebies she can.
11/8/2012Dumb comment.
11/7/2012Living in lah lah land
10/18/2012Bite your tongue if you don't know what you are talking about.
10/18/2012One red for idiocy!
9/26/2012Bad attitude
9/24/2012Awesome limerick- Factual Error
9/23/2012Love you, Little Bee!
9/4/2012For knowing the difference between Fascism and Socialism!
8/22/2012From Tuff~Kooky
7/14/2012Saying hello! Earth420
7/12/2012Interesting input in the electrocution thread. you're right. how do they know that? thanks, morgan
7/6/2012For being true to yourself, Little Bee! You are way too cool...Rael.
7/3/2012Smug bitch!
7/3/2012Hello! ~ phocuss
7/3/2012A++++ whiskey distilling. Hah. I love it.
7/3/2012So true, must give good karma ;-D
7/2/2012Great response. Desert Fox
6/28/2012Little Fucktard
6/21/2012Small town living! ... *from CrissCross
6/12/2012I'm on the principal's side in this one.
6/10/2012Thanks for your support. Strongman
6/10/2012Ronald Reagan hater
6/5/2012Power of Now recommendation - ANHEDONIC
6/5/2012Right On! It isn't my Will. It is Thy Will, not personal
4/1/2012Awesome post about meeting working people - Vision Thing
2/16/2012Thank you for contributing to my thread. Missouri Foxtrotter

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