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3/23/2015Much love :) ~TML
3/9/2015Love GFG
3/9/2015For your Angel being there when you needed him, blessed be - Aspamce
2/28/2015Thank you Love GFG
2/20/2015Green for you and thanks from davvi
1/28/2015Howdy neighbor! ~TML
1/15/2015Love GFG
1/15/2015Keep safe!! ~TML
1/13/2015Good info.. OilMan!
11/12/2014Who knows what they are up to? it won't be good, that's all I know. beeches
10/24/2014Thanks and happy Oct birthday to you as well! much love :) ~TML
10/10/2014Tea tard. Drink Hot Chocolate instead.
9/28/2014Much love :) ~TML
9/9/2014Howdy :) ~TML
8/7/2014NewsNews from the JanJan is important news. TastyThoughts
8/7/2014Good thread Janjan- carlin
8/7/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/7/2014Russian bombers thread :) ShowGirls x
7/27/2014Ah the moon!!!
7/18/2014Thanks for sharing your work experience -SteamrolledGobias
7/18/2014Thanks for your comments on guggle thread - beeches - Please tell more about the STEM programs !
7/17/2014Good job!!...operative
7/17/2014BP Interview Vid / Wow / Cheers / Chrewman
7/17/2014Thank you! caraudiotekk
7/17/2014Border Patrol Vid IndigoMoon
7/17/2014Not gang members from Mexico. Central America- Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador
7/17/2014I feel like passing out some green
7/17/2014Yes. As a parent I am very worried.
7/17/2014Five stars and green karma!
7/17/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
7/11/2014Courage in reply. no AC blather.
6/13/2014Reported Abusive Post
6/4/2014Love ya GFG
6/3/2014Thanks for support and green. When did the idiots take over this country??? beeches from forced labor thread.
5/18/2014Green Karma From Max Bacon
4/27/2014Love GFG
4/15/2014Cheers! ~Tandym!
4/15/2014Spelling nazi
4/13/2014Y'shua Everything's Alright
4/11/2014Greeeeat! Post! Karma From Gonviral
3/27/2014Great minds think alike :) ... Re: nuclear war thread... my2centsworth
3/24/2014Happy to make you smile! (evolveandascend) :)
3/23/2014Cheer JanJan from davvi...
2/13/2014Hugs and green from davvi...always good to see you.
2/12/2014Right back atcha, JanJan :). And Thanks -MagTog
2/7/2014Right back at ya :) enjoy
2/3/2014Thank you for your prayer for baby Weston, Stillhere
2/2/2014Green Greetings from No Dhimmi
1/30/2014Hi JanJan, thank you and hugs from davvi...
1/29/2014For a warm heart on a cold day. Peace! -Serendipitous
1/1/2014Happy New Year Green from No Dhimmi
12/6/2013Green Thanks from No Dhimmi
11/6/2013Green Thanks from No Dhimmi
10/24/2013Hugs to you and thanks from davvi : )
10/21/2013Green back at 'cha! New & improved
10/9/2013Happy Halloween to you too!
10/9/2013Lol..great post!! karma from gonviral
10/9/2013Tyvm, VolKhrom.
10/8/2013Green thank you from davvi...
10/7/2013Sorry, Obamacare the communist trade union will fuck us all
10/7/2013Sorry for your healthcare changes. Sending good thoughts your way
10/7/2013Obamacare Thread
10/7/2013Hugs to you. Carry on and stay strong. -- from goodmockingbird
10/7/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/5/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have some green karma points? :)
10/1/2013Thanks for the Tuesday laugh. <3 Doomish
10/1/2013Thanks for the Burrito laugh this a.m. Alpharecon
9/27/2013Not editing long quote
8/24/2013Thank you JanJan....davvi
7/23/2013Tell it like it is! :P I love it when someone backs up their rebuttal with FACTS! :)
7/18/2013Thank you and :-) davvi
7/4/2013Happy Independence Day Always! - Louve
7/3/2013Thanks for contributing to my thread. Ben Schillen
7/2/2013From indiandave
7/1/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/3/2013Hell yeah! -Hitokiri
6/3/2013Green Thanks from No Dhimmi
5/21/2013Thanks, this sucks but folks need to know, he is a Soldier after all a representative if USA ---- Juggalo
5/19/2013Me waving) Hi JanJan. Davvi
5/14/2013Green Thanks from No Dhimmi
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