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2/21/2017For supportting police - Otter
10/23/2015Fucking moron? right back at you
7/22/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/2/2015I'd slap them in the mouth with my di@k
12/5/2014Thanks for your remarks on my thread. ~Fist
7/6/2014Nailed it!! Send em back cookie lady
1/17/2014LOL!! or the wick post!! ibyte on 2
12/31/2013Nice thread -pole cat
2/18/2013Bible shit gets you bad karma... Get a fucking life.
2/4/2013Too true on the 70yo junior high teacher defends two female students from attack with his gun. He should not be charged, he waas protecting himself and the two girls. Heavenly Alchemy
11/6/2012Too much drama
11/1/2012Military endorsement. Nice find. -j994k
11/1/2012Military thread...well done. ~ Jericho9
8/29/2012You Romney folk need to get it through the thick skull you all seem to have that lesser of 2 evils is still evil. We will not support the GOP after they decided to ignore their own rules, their own vo
8/23/2012I agree... Shave him deep... FMGB
4/28/2012Not likely
3/30/2012I spun the wheel and You alias came up - Karma Roulette ;-)

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