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Kamon's Karma

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3/18/2013That was very useful, in the middle of that troll thread! Thanks!
1/20/2013Appreciate the Twitter news
1/20/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/6/2013Cruise control made my day cruise- mrmuffins
1/5/2013Good post GONEVIRAL
12/28/2012Yup. They are scared to death of adult women.
12/20/2012CLAPPAGUY was here, thanks!
12/3/2012Walking Dead vodka karma points redeemed! - Carshy
11/26/2012Thanks for contributing to my Dec 21 thread - Dease
11/13/2012Who The Fuck Are You to Tell Someone Else to Shut The Fuck up in Their Own Thread? You Stfu Bitch
11/12/2012Thank You :)
11/6/2012"Well this is gonna be a fun week on GLP." - MEME! Taking Suggestions
10/17/2012It is precisely when you become complacent that you are surprised. You should refocus your efforts of ridicule for something constructive.
10/2/2012For being smart - Pack of Smokes
10/2/2012Thank you
8/31/2012Be Courageous and hold on to Christ no matter what brother!
8/27/2012Thanks for embedding Boondock video.... Daniel of the Rose
8/26/2012You lie
8/6/2012Right back at you
8/5/2012YOU grow up,
8/5/2012Grow up? Nah, I like pointing to hypocrisy and watching the knee jerk response.
8/4/2012Finaly, the Truth.
7/27/2012Retarded doom freak
7/27/2012Cool beans
7/20/2012Ha Ha
7/10/2012"( ._.) I'm sorry this is where you ended up..." made me lol
7/10/2012I know what you are saying
7/9/2012Dude, I like women. Quit asking. Asshole, go find Andy Dick
7/4/2012Good God... This should be pinned! -Anubis
5/17/2012Good resume, thanks
4/12/2012Butt hurt is ugly
4/10/2012<3 !!
4/9/2012"It takes an entire canvas of colors of textures to paint a piece of art but in the end we're still all one painting. " That was beautiful Kamon, thank you. Madame X
4/4/2012Tried to help figure out my problem :o)
4/1/2012My sexual preference is not men. im a fuckn dude! dont talk to me again!
3/28/2012Great question -- borian
2/29/2012Karma for meth :)
2/28/2012Green eggs & karma - Half Past Midnight
2/27/2012LOL, green room, Cpl. Tunnel
2/26/2012For being my best meth customer.
2/22/2012For messaging me asking for meth... not cool
2/12/2012Blessings In Green - Ghost Rider
2/12/2012Thought for the day: Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. Thanks for the green! <3 Doomish
2/11/2012Just cause -SirKnightE-
2/11/2012Greenroom karma (achoo) and my cold germs - from samanthasunflowe
2/8/2012Rain-Man ..xD
2/8/2012Face Karma!
1/23/2012Returned - toadmaster
1/19/2012Know Racist Againts Whites

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