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Seek Truth's Karma

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8/19/2014Great to see you again! :) - Rabid Wolf
12/18/2013Much love to you and yours....cowgirlk
12/17/2013Sooooooooooooo right!! Thank you for speaking out! As we watch our world descend further and further into the dark, truth becomes more and more rare, even in ordinary interactions. Thank you
10/19/2013Blessings, paler
10/3/2013Great thinking. Comperio
3/3/2013Heres some Green for a fellow seeker of Truth! 'LIL ANGEL
8/20/2012Giving eyesight to the Blind my friend! : Revguard
8/12/2012Giving eyesight to the Blind my friend! : Revguard
7/27/2012Blessing will earn you some wings....Being Mindful
7/25/2012You have such a wonderful soul, that expresses itself in your smile, i wish you well dear friend, your light shines brighter than mine:)
7/17/2012Giving eyesight to the Blind my friend! : Revguard
2/1/2012For being a thinker :) -osirus

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