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Gettinupthere's Karma

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11/21/2012White-guilt progressive slave
11/21/2012Worthless cunt.
11/18/2012God's message is also "Love your neighbour". Israel doesn't seem very loving to housing Palestinians in an outdoor concentration camp.
11/18/2012You speak the truth, amen
11/18/2012For israel
11/18/2012Please quit talking about your homosexuality.
10/24/2012Desert fox. Good question and deserves an answer.
10/24/2012For asking a good quesstion about Israel. :)
10/24/2012Here's some karma for you. Enjoy!
2/29/2012Ezekiel 32
2/13/2012Thanks for your thread on soldiers. Madame X
2/12/2012Your a full blown fucking Retard!

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