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Éireann's Karma

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7/22/2014Sweet lady - Bes Maat
7/21/2014"Well shit. Just... shit."
7/20/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/20/2014Thank you sweetie! Hugs ~Tangy :)
7/16/2014Good to see you :) Love, Lucy
7/16/2014Great post on the human universe thread - ukshep
7/15/2014Hi shoulder strap
7/15/2014For your sober comment in Isreal thread, stupid ppl discuss nukes - thanks from Egypt - Bes Maat
7/10/2014Well Wishes from ANHEDONIC : )
7/10/2014Green Karma From Infomonger
7/7/2014For making it two who 'get it'. Now for the demonic onslaught, LOL! ~ dawa
7/5/2014Thanks! you too! nah-T :)
7/4/2014Thank you, your posts are also inspirational, sungaze.
7/2/2014Not a nice person. Ignorant, sarcastic, and rude.
7/2/2014I still dont like you at all.
7/2/2014Great responses in the flag thread! :) eV3y
7/2/2014Lovely day!
7/1/2014Yes. I find jewels of inspiration here on GLP. many times too.
7/1/2014<3 ~tml
6/29/2014Mountain Woman
6/26/2014Hey TX girl. RaidenX
6/24/2014Wolf-hugs* :)
6/23/2014Green Greeting from Lady Jane Smith!!!
6/23/2014Goedemorgen! KipKat
6/23/2014Be good! :D calx
6/23/2014You're very nice, Eireann. hls
6/20/2014Just a green hello- etta
6/19/2014Greetings & Respect from ANHEDONIC
6/18/2014<3.. 4h
6/18/2014Reported Abusive Post
6/18/2014Reported Abusive Post
6/18/2014Have a lovely day :)) Lucy
6/16/2014You are so right :) abi ~
6/14/2014Texan love raiden
6/14/2014You are a silly spirit...with an awesome heart I know we hardly talk on here but your energy is awesome. Have a great weekend Eireann Love Angelseverywhere
6/14/2014Enjoy your new washer! - Tesla
6/14/2014Enjoy watching your wash! :) eekers
6/13/2014So right!!
6/12/2014Almost weekend! -Face!
6/11/2014Nice job on scoring fresh eggs! cowgirl
6/11/2014Thanks for contributing to the Hagel testimony thread. ~~ancha.
6/11/2014Green hellos from davvi
6/10/2014Red for you
6/10/2014Well Wishes from ANHEDONIC : )
6/10/2014I love you back! Tinfoil
6/10/2014Green Smiles from Lady Jane Smith :o)
6/9/2014You are also a refreshing change, and a pleasure to meet on threads :) morgan
6/7/2014Conversation & debate - cheers from Italy :D
6/6/2014God bless - Kirk
6/3/2014Reported Abusive Post
6/3/2014Karma ((((HUGS))))....>>>>S​ettle4It<<<<
6/2/2014Spreading the love (sprout)
6/2/2014Be good! :D calx
6/1/2014Very well explained about God and religion..abi~ :)
6/1/2014Have a nice sunday :) Lots of Love, Lucy
6/1/2014Oh, look, your shirt strap is still accidentally falling off
6/1/2014Yep! Yep! Yep! Jedi
6/1/2014And what a beautiful face God gave ya! Vic-chick13
5/31/2014Excellent comment
5/31/2014For appreciating our animal friends. Tess
5/31/2014Love, lilac.nights
5/30/2014Superduper green.
5/30/2014You are so sweet...Bless your heart....The Old Timer
5/30/2014Nuair a fhoghlaim muid an fhírinne, beidh muid ag gol le náire ~BSZ
5/30/2014Well Wishes from ANHEDONIC
5/30/2014Reported Abusive Post
5/28/2014Happy Hump Day darling! Hope you're feeling well...geminilion
5/28/2014Hartelijk dank! KipKat
5/27/2014Thetruthmonger wuz here
5/26/2014Ah, bacon. Thank you! :) -Rabid Wolf
5/25/2014Love ya! :D calx
5/25/2014HAPPY BIRTHDAY. pool
5/24/2014Nice Post RaddenX snowman
5/24/2014Hugs and smiles from Lady Jane Smirh :o)
5/24/2014Back at you Eireann! Best, Tesla
5/24/2014Reported Abusive Post
5/23/2014Hey lovely lady! Happy Friday! {{hugs}} *Haarp Lady
5/22/2014Pay it forward - Psych
5/22/2014We can disagree and still be friends (sprout :) )
5/22/2014Rosetta and a late happy birthday ~ K Hall
5/22/2014Summertime! -Face
5/22/2014Positive thoughts for you - ANHEDONIC
5/21/2014Happy birthday!
5/21/2014Great to see you, Eireann! Tinfoil (Rhombus)
5/20/2014For your thoughtful post in the "She Will Hang" thread. from Eggcellent
5/20/2014BioReaper XD
5/20/2014<3 Turtles
5/20/2014Hi there! geminilion
5/19/2014You know... I can't resist ya! -= Travis Bickle =-
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