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Éireann's Karma

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4/16/2014Sammiches LOL <melrox>
4/16/2014Thanks for sanity cookie lady
4/16/2014LOL! aHEM'd again
4/16/2014Just because xo tc... cp ;)
4/16/2014Be good! :D calx
4/15/2014To be precise - dvc
4/14/2014You're adorable also!!! thank you for that.
4/13/2014Excellent comment on the rape thread
4/13/2014Always great input, Ag47
4/12/2014From STT
4/11/2014U r a winner! five stars and green karma!
4/11/2014Hug from Swanson
4/10/2014Far from "naive". Quite the contrary! ~goldielucks :)
4/10/2014Kind hearted!!!! pool
4/10/2014To neutralize red karma. Ms.Superduper
4/10/2014Green Karma From gonviral
4/9/2014Karma from ANHEDONIC
4/9/2014You look like my sister! Always takes me by surprise when I see your avatar!....RainTara
4/9/2014Sorry wasn't me, never been on VC but my voice is smooth, so I've been told-SOT
4/9/2014Thanks! - TGMII
4/8/2014Have a great week! Much Love, Lucy :)
4/8/2014Annoying annoying annoying
4/7/2014Karma roLL ....C.C
4/7/2014Hiya lady - Chrit
4/7/2014Acknowledging there is truth in fiction; Even when it's as sad as it is frustrating. TastyThoughts
4/6/2014Yes, it is. You are so right!
4/6/2014God speed (spout)
4/6/2014To fill your karma with green.. xo.. cp
4/6/2014Counteract that bad karma from an idiot- snark
4/6/2014Brienne of Tarth
4/5/2014Green hugs to you E....davvi
4/5/2014Cheers! Hawkesbay
4/3/2014Keepin benghazi quiet eh?- dqwhispers
4/3/2014Atheism requires no faith as you believe in nothing
4/3/2014Why don't you pull up your shoulder strap?
4/2/2014Green from me! {{hugs}} *Haarp Lady
4/2/2014Great Post Green Karma From Gonviral
4/2/2014Dia duit, from Swanson aka AmJedi
4/2/2014Thanks! People like you are why I'm still here. -Astro
4/2/2014A Smile from Lady Jane Smith :o)
4/2/2014Lol... still love ya too -Bats
4/1/2014Lol..thank you..just try to lighten up the doom abi~
4/1/2014Nice to see you posting ar-15 nut
4/1/2014So glad you are here...one of the few literates!!! Lol, KarinZa
4/1/2014You're too sweet and yes need a spanking-SOT
3/31/2014Have a Great Week ~~BadMoonRisen~~
3/31/2014Have a great week! Much Love, Lucy
3/31/2014TY! -Face
3/30/2014I like your humility. resfreshing authenticity ~otsana
3/30/2014Ostria thumbs up
3/28/2014Always smiles. pool
3/28/2014Because IT'S TIME -= Travis Bickle =-
3/28/2014Green from Scrump :D
3/28/2014Slán abhaile
3/28/2014Love you... cp
3/28/2014Its half the Netherlands to be precise :D - DVC
3/25/2014My favorite heathen, pete
3/24/2014Reported Abusive Post
3/23/2014Much Love to you :) Lucy
3/23/2014Thanks for your contributions to my code breaking thread! Doomish
3/23/2014Greetings Eireann! Best Wishes, Tesla
3/22/2014Glad you enjoyed that link, friend - ANHEDONIC
3/21/2014Glad the niacin is helping you. I take it too. Stillhere
3/20/2014For pointing out the truth - lightchild_uk
3/19/2014From STT
3/18/2014Thankya gw
3/17/2014Happy st Paddy's day! love, eekers
3/16/2014Speaking common sense!!! jdb
3/16/2014I borrowed your posted quote from Thomas Jefferson. Awesome.
3/15/2014Some green .anastasia
3/15/2014Thanks for contribution to mine and other threads. ~xray j
3/13/2014To one of the wisest women I know! -lady
3/13/2014Thank you!! ~UAP
3/12/2014Thanks E! yes that's my sweet filly, kind of a rescue, was stalled 24/7 and beaten, was crazy and sick, but all over that now, Pete
3/12/2014I'm with you on this.
3/12/2014I dislike you.
3/12/2014A snowman was here
3/11/2014Heya Ireland! Clear your cookies/cache/reset your browser. Then head over to the Adobe Flash and download/install the newest of Flash. That should get you into chat!
3/11/2014Cheers! ~Escape
3/11/2014Reported Abusive Post
3/11/2014Some drive-by Karma for St. Patrick's Day! from Eggcellent
3/10/2014Some green - Kirk
3/10/2014From STT
3/7/2014I really dig your signature quotes!!! ~Otsana
3/6/2014Stay safe and be good! :D calx
3/6/2014Green hello, Eireann...davvi
3/5/2014I dislike you.
3/3/2014Hola Beautiful!! - You look great on your avatar! - Indysmindy
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