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The Fraud Buster's Karma

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2/7/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/22/2012I Guess You Finally Got The Message That Not One Person Liked You!
9/21/2012Just Keeping You In The Red, And Right Where You Belong!
9/13/2012I Thought You Didn't Care About The Red? Then Why Did You Delete One? You Just Dont Have Enough Green To Delete It Dick Head! Ha Ha!
8/31/2012Everyone on this forum hates your fucking guts you useless piece of shit! (Part Deux)
8/24/2012I have to admit, you're certainly the best at collecting the red! Here's a little help for my friend!
8/20/2012Compensates one red - Hydra
8/20/2012Excellent point about earthquakes.
8/19/2012I hate your avatar eat shit
8/17/2012If you don't like it fucking leave and don't come back
8/17/2012U Fucking Fail at Life End Yourself
8/17/2012We belong in the looney bin, huh?
8/17/2012Just stupid
8/17/2012Here is some more red for being an assumptive dick!
8/15/2012Lol. The quake tards are giving out plenty of red tonight, you musn't disagree with their friends failed eq predictions..
8/15/2012Dear Delusional and Paranoid....
8/15/2012Dumb Replies and Sheep Attitude.
8/15/2012More crackpot earthquake predictions.... ahh wittle jellwuss are we. So stupid
8/14/2012Quake prophecy is BS
8/11/2012Just plain vanilla stupid
8/8/2012A voice of reason regarding "Planet X."
8/8/2012Its your imagination.
8/7/2012Shut The Fuck Up Buster
8/6/2012Lol damn dude got bad karma much? Atleast you're not a nibiru tard.-Danose
8/6/2012Compensation for the Nibirutards - Hydra
8/5/2012You know the reason
8/5/2012Everyone on this forum hates your fucking guts you useless piece of shit!
8/5/2012Adds nothing to the discussion.
8/5/2012Im paranoid of u being a faggot
8/4/2012Just beause
7/31/2012Wow... you´re so smart.... not
6/20/2012The Sea Of Red Says It All!
4/18/20121 Up!
4/18/2012Not a Planet Xtard-marketselloff
4/10/2012Do you really think you're that funny?
4/6/2012Because you look like you need it
4/6/2012Paul zombies are gonna hate
4/4/2012Good post
4/3/2012You are obviously an idiot with this many bad karma
4/2/2012No point in giving a reason that you would not understand
4/2/2012Just because you're a jerk!
3/27/2012Fact is you're an idiot.
3/27/2012For the pity I feel for your mental state, hermano.
3/27/2012Meaningless meanness
3/27/2012Smoochies my love
3/23/2012Your a piece of shit and I hope you die like the mother fucker you are
2/4/2012For being a cuntwad!!!
1/27/2012You Are Sucking Mega Horse Dick!!! Ron Paul 2012!!!
1/25/2012Youtube's about as credible if not moreso than the MSM
1/25/2012Suck a nut
1/24/2012Wake up
1/24/2012Love, the Simpletons
1/24/20123/10 for obvious troll. Try harder next time.
1/24/2012Ron Paul is a rare, true stateman among the hordes of corrupt politicians.
1/24/2012SEEK HELP! Child molestation is wrong and against the law! Stop promoting and defending it!
1/24/2012Bored rude idiot.
1/24/2012Dude you have no idea what you're talking about... and you seem to be a "gay homo."
1/24/2012The closet faggot hits on GLP members via PM and then denies it...gross!
1/24/2012Total failure to use reason or logic
1/24/2012Thread has no information.
1/24/2012HOW DARE YOU USE BENDER, shill!
1/24/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/24/2012F u
1/24/2012The fraud buster should stop referring to himself in the third fucking person - L
1/24/2012You are degrading this site with your miniature IQ...please go away
1/24/2012You just suck
1/24/2012The Fraud Buster - Smart...??? next time, follow the Golden Rule < Peace be with You(~) >
1/24/2012You try too hard
1/24/2012Your a total fool.
1/24/2012Idiotic comments re. ron paul
1/24/2012Fron RP

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