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Whole lee shit's Karma

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7/8/2014Communist idiot
6/5/2014Your a prick
5/31/2014Beat me too it on the homeland copmparison - Lime flavoured redux
3/11/2014What They Said Below - Asshole
3/7/2014Racist shit stirrer.
1/17/2014A Meteor huh? Daaamn never happened before!! Oh wait..ITS RAINING JUST NOW!!!
1/8/2014Pot head scum
12/28/2013OLD: Y2K NEW: ISON; fly that flag high, for I salute it's BS!!!
11/4/2013Karma love from TheWayWeWere :))
11/2/2013For sounding like an uneducated porch monkey high on grape soda bubbles
10/28/2013Marines are Pussies!
10/14/2013Thanks for your answer!
10/10/2013Nice avatar. "Superlucky." -Rev
10/5/2013Your avatar.. hehe ~Stoned Goddess
10/1/2013Nice thread! An love ur avatar pic!!!
10/1/2013They can go to hell -- I'm going to GLP ~ go 2 c u here(~)
10/1/2013Good find!!
8/22/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
7/24/2013Thanks ....grumpier
6/19/2013Thanks for the info
6/5/2013LOL @ koolaided thru the door. (-ExorciseThis)
6/4/20131 for your avatar. pole cat
5/31/2013Little dick, little mind, retarded most likely, impotent so you like it up the ass
5/21/2013Little dick, little mind, retarded most likely, impotent so you like it up the ass
4/22/2013Explenation on indica vs sativa
4/20/2013Insulting, thinks he's cool
4/20/2013Little dick, little mind, retarded most likely, impotent so you like it up the ass
4/20/2013Happy 420. Tayto :-)
4/20/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
4/19/2013Go sneak a doom in mommy's basement. 'Cunt' gives your immaturity away.
4/18/2013Just right
4/17/2013Thanks for the weather update...cowgirlk
3/25/2013Get a clue!
2/24/2013For the sake of Whole Lee Shit Green Avatar - add THC for uber luck :D
2/5/2013Good question - Capt. Ivan Danko
1/27/2013I like your lucky charms avatar. :)
1/11/2013Cool avatar!
12/20/2012You need a green thumb
12/19/2012Try not to be so stupid okay.
12/5/2012Holy shit!
11/15/2012Thanx for the lg recee cup blizzard and the chicken strip basket, tomorow i think i'll have the mshrm grill burger 4 lunch and a shrimp basket w/ blizzard 4 dinner
10/20/2012For making me laugh ~ The light under the door
10/17/2012Learn how to spell liar. Also, I'm not one.
10/16/2012Obama shill
10/3/2012For giving great info in my thread..thanks PAT-O-LOC-O
9/25/2012Boo fucking hoo
9/20/2012Good catch)))GFG
9/20/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/12/2012False flag
9/10/2012Go pound sand. MARsSPEED
8/26/2012They told everyone to evacuate New Orleans. Its your own damn fault if you got stuck on your roof waiting for help. You had plenty of time to get out.
8/10/2012For being smart
8/10/2012Because you are you
7/25/2012Unless i missed something -- yeah, you did.
6/13/2012For trying to be funny but just coming out stupid.

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