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10/15/2012The scary part isn't the "power" you purport to have.... it's the conviction of your insanity. You may be a role-player, but you're one of those can't spell or write wo
10/12/2012It's gd2balive Ceti
10/7/2012Dreaming of sword? :D
10/6/2012You are shit, asshole! You know NOTHING.
10/6/2012Thank you! ;) Anarchytype
10/5/2012God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are One, and they Love YOU~I do too!
10/2/2012Go get help
9/27/2012Have you considerd moving to iran? YOU should,your a true moran!
9/23/2012The thread is about food prices, not your stupid religion. STFU- Factual Error
9/23/2012Karma Sunday!....>>>>Settle​4it<<<<
9/22/2012Love to you all
9/21/2012Was this joyfull to recieve as it was for me to give ..muhahahahaha CUNT !!
9/20/2012You make the World a much better place! Much love from ..11:11..
9/17/2012Rambling moron
9/16/2012Awesome! ~nah
9/15/2012Buddy Karma Hugs!....>>>>Settle4i​t<<<<
9/8/2012"ancient civilizations are faked" Indeed. Excellent Point. - Six Six Six
9/8/2012Very much a dipshit
9/8/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/8/2012Have more respect for women!
9/7/2012Some Buddy Karma, Iolair ;)
9/6/2012For balance :) /Michael
9/6/2012SoS drive by!
9/6/2012From Apollo
9/6/2012Intelligent human being.
9/3/2012You definately keep it interesting. ~Silent Wind
9/1/2012Liked it
9/1/2012For your hatred of bacon
9/1/2012Go suck a pigs cock faggot
9/1/2012Because you earned it you self rightous ass 'grand architect' LOL
9/1/2012For the real you
9/1/2012Talking absolute bullshit, parasitic worm
8/31/2012God, you're such a fag.
8/30/2012Respect to sharing otherwise known as hidden an insight
8/29/2012Tattoo noted
8/28/2012Good post...regarding the "nobody" thread.
8/27/2012Thinks he is everyones hero but is the opposite
8/27/2012You're just as retarded as OP...
8/27/2012Blitz is wondering if you signed his last karma. peace!
8/26/2012Internet shitstain
8/24/2012Religion bs
8/24/2012Stop derailing the thread
8/23/2012You need karma balance for your karma die-t
8/22/2012For being an idiot and not researching the grave thread
8/21/2012Thanks --- sungaze
8/20/2012Think you're a god which would denote higher intelligence and things like grammar and punctuation. Rather than incoherent ramblings tied together with lol's and ...'s
8/20/2012Undiagnosed use of potassium iodide can lead to hypothyroidism which can cause things like dementia, delirium, hallucinations, coma, and / or psychosis. You should probably see a doctor since you thin
8/18/2012Jesus was a surfer because he walked on water
8/18/2012Vibrations of love to you and yours. Om! ..11:11.. Yes, I changed my user name. lol
8/18/2012You have some great insight.. very interesting read..White Light
8/18/2012If you dont use em you gonna lose em
8/18/2012But nobody is looking for someone deeper than what they see on the outside...
8/15/2012Greetings ~ Nemesis-incogitO before the lights go out xXx
8/14/2012From Apollo
8/14/2012Just for being interesting - Xannixon
8/13/2012That was George's farewell address warning about foreign entanglements... great man died in 1799
8/12/2012Love the new coined term...thanks for the laugh.
8/11/2012Love is space and time measured by the heart. Much love, 11.11.11
8/6/2012For my nutty bro from your nutty sis :) Bea
8/6/20121 for great wisdom, -2 for lacking anything even remotely resembling it.
8/5/2012Blue Skies was here
8/5/2012Keep telling the truth friend. Amy A
8/4/2012For the time you give to others xx
8/3/2012Trying to get your green level down
8/3/2012Just cause your a fool
8/2/2012Just flying by! Much love to you and yours! 11.11.11
7/28/2012I hope you find the way... cause you are so lost...
7/28/2012Hello! From Earth420
7/28/2012Thanks for the knowledge brother, Expertofsound
7/27/2012Stupid person
7/27/2012God would never have such a shitty avatar.
7/27/2012Blue Skies was here
7/27/2012Unbelievably Blasphemous to assume we can all become little g_ods! There's something very wrong with you.
7/26/2012Sos wuz here
7/25/2012One for Four mysteries....Imajicat​us
7/24/2012Oh cause I love you- Starlit
7/24/2012Makes interesting posts
7/22/2012777 thread ~Christine~
7/22/2012Stop blaspheming
7/22/2012Makes interesting posts
7/21/2012One for the blue and yellow!~Luna
7/19/2012For the "Bedrock" post ! That may be the truth, as these people are not exactly Einstiens. From Tiger1.
7/19/2012Fuck you and your retarded diet
7/19/2012<3 safe journeys
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