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#Geomagnetic_Storm#'s Avatar#Geomagnetic_Storm#USA62 months, 11 days agoToday31,269
<<TIMEWATCHER>>'s Avatar<<TIMEWATCHER>>USA64 months, 13 days agoToday3,110
 * Lucky Star *USA46 months, 11 days ago32 months, 25 days ago74
-Haun-'s Avatar-Haun-USA10 months, 21 days agoToday3,972
..11:11..'s Avatar..11:11..USA60 months, 7 days ago19 months, 27 days ago2,574
4thhorseman's Avatar4thhorsemanUSA39 months, 6 days agoToday9,297
A Mery Can's AvatarA Mery CanUnited Arab Emirates52 months, 9 days ago11 months, 4 days ago17,264
abeliever's AvatarabelieverUSA61 months, 12 days agoToday6,755
Abiogenesis's AvatarAbiogenesisUSA12 months, 16 days agoToday1,456
AkivaJeff's AvatarAkivaJeffUSA49 months, 8 days ago45 months, 3 days ago654
AKObserver's AvatarAKObserverUSA48 months, 16 days ago12 months, 4 days ago16,682
 ASLEEPNOMOREUSA60 months, 1 days ago17 months, 20 days ago1,076
 Bad GrandmaUSA25 months, 15 days ago17 months, 24 days ago324
 Barely Suppressed RageUSA30 months, 20 days ago9 months, 28 days ago91
Beetlejuice's AvatarBeetlejuiceNetherlands43 months, 12 days ago25 days ago22,501
 Being HumanUnited Kingdom42 months, 20 days ago38 months, 24 days ago11
Big Daddy D's AvatarBig Daddy DUSA131 months, 24 days agoToday1,730
bigD111's AvatarbigD111USA67 months, 26 days agoToday18,127
Birkeland's AvatarBirkelandUSA32 months, 3 days ago4 months, 5 days ago9,693
Bodiless's AvatarBodilessModeratorStarfleet24 months, 20 days agoUnknown18,114
cabingirl's AvatarcabingirlUSA45 months, 3 days ago4 days ago263
CaptCarter's AvatarCaptCarterModeratorUSA44 months, 17 days agoToday24,646
Cassie :-)'s AvatarCassie :-)USA116 months, 4 days ago5 days ago3,919
Chef.'s AvatarChef.USA59 months, 27 days agoToday503
Cheyenne's AvatarCheyenneUSA58 months, 18 days agoToday2,474
 Chistian LadyUSA30 months, 25 days ago30 months, 12 days ago86
Chop Top Sawyer's AvatarChop Top SawyerUSA54 months, 25 days agoToday1,999
 chowanUSA46 months, 2 days ago17 months, 7 days ago1,377
 ChristianLightUSA13 months, 24 days ago10 months, 19 days ago1,204
Chrit's AvatarChritUSA65 months, 12 days agoToday12,278
Dangerwalt's AvatarDangerwaltBrazil50 months, 7 days ago3 months, 26 days ago6,399
 daughter in NYCUSA59 months, 29 days ago1 day ago4,570
davvi's AvatardavviUSA48 months, 11 days agoToday42,260
deanoZXT's AvatardeanoZXTUSA79 months, 10 days agoToday16,297
 Doom LurkerUSA24 months, 0 days ago1 months, 14 days ago0
Earth Cries's AvatarEarth CriesUSA74 months, 29 days agoToday26,659
 El QuisqueyanoUSA67 months, 18 days ago23 months, 8 days ago22,266
Elemental's AvatarElementalUnited Kingdom38 months, 14 days ago13 months, 12 days ago2,673
EnchantedWanderer's AvatarEnchantedWandererAustralia21 months, 14 days ago5 months, 18 days ago248
Etta's AvatarEttaUSA45 months, 3 days agoToday2,931
Expendable's AvatarExpendableUSA53 months, 17 days agoToday201
Feistylorax's AvatarFeistyloraxUSA25 months, 0 days ago3 days ago1,407
finley's AvatarfinleyUSA50 months, 10 days agoToday1,490
Frayed Knot's AvatarFrayed KnotUSA34 months, 11 days ago5 months, 10 days ago4,700
GLP Angel's AvatarGLP AngelUSA74 months, 14 days ago22 days ago2,174
 GodIsrealUSA12 months, 22 days ago11 months, 8 days ago49
GoldenYears's AvatarGoldenYearsUSA65 months, 23 days ago4 days ago1,738
Goofy for God's AvatarGoofy for GodUSA55 months, 0 days agoToday47,846
 Ha KohaneUSA134 months, 27 days ago23 months, 15 days ago2,158
He Is Risen Indeed's AvatarHe Is Risen IndeedUSA44 months, 16 days ago4 months, 17 days ago709
HolySpiritWind's AvatarHolySpiritWindUSA6 months, 29 days agoToday3,159
Hugh M Eye's AvatarHugh M EyeUSA60 months, 7 days ago24 months, 1 days ago7,772
I Love Panda Bears's AvatarI Love Panda BearsUSA30 months, 21 days agoToday4,386
Ice's AvatarIceUSA128 months, 24 days agoUnknown31,638
imjustsayin's AvatarimjustsayinUSA59 months, 7 days ago15 days ago3,529
indiandave's AvatarindiandaveUSA72 months, 3 days agoToday4,763
Isis One's AvatarIsis OneUSA58 months, 7 days agoToday19,539
Isis7's AvatarIsis7USA86 months, 14 days ago19 months, 0 days ago12,223
IwantToBelieve76's AvatarIwantToBelieve76Germany42 months, 16 days ago5 months, 19 days ago312
JazzyG's AvatarJazzyGStarfleet28 months, 27 days agoToday37,997
 JellyVisionUSA38 months, 29 days ago20 months, 22 days ago386
JessKira Kadwalladyr's AvatarJessKira KadwalladyrUSA96 months, 28 days ago3 months, 17 days ago10,092
joinca's AvatarjoincaUSA64 months, 27 days agoToday3,895
KC_Goldshine's AvatarKC_GoldshineUSA18 months, 0 days agoToday14,014
Lekker's AvatarLekkerStarfleet58 months, 4 days ago5 days ago3,808
 Life and LoveUSA68 months, 27 days ago5 months, 17 days ago11,249
Limpan's AvatarLimpanSweden72 months, 8 days agoToday21,822
Lisa*Lisa's AvatarLisa*LisaUSA20 months, 18 days agoToday8,852
Luisport's AvatarLuisportPortugal60 months, 1 days agoToday141,700
MamaHasAwakened's AvatarMamaHasAwakenedUSA64 months, 25 days ago3 months, 8 days ago2,882
Mattie.'s AvatarMattie.Starfleet49 months, 19 days agoToday12,512
MercyMe's AvatarMercyMeUSA77 months, 23 days agoToday1,975
miabelieves's AvatarmiabelievesUSA82 months, 16 days agoToday2,579
mistersplinter's AvatarmistersplinterUSA101 months, 28 days ago1 day ago1,604
MsMc's AvatarMsMcUnited Kingdom51 months, 13 days agoToday2,478
mtn_mang's Avatarmtn_mangUSA58 months, 11 days agoToday1,342
Nerd88's AvatarNerd88Australia60 months, 8 days ago35 months, 28 days ago160
nerdrage88sasr's Avatarnerdrage88sasrAustralia59 months, 7 days ago1 months, 11 days ago3,045
Nika's AvatarNikaUSA49 months, 2 days ago8 months, 16 days ago2,729
NiNzrez's AvatarNiNzrezUSA71 months, 12 days ago3 months, 9 days ago9,791
No Dhimmi's AvatarNo DhimmiUSA58 months, 15 days agoToday22,261
NobleSix's AvatarNobleSixModeratorUSA48 months, 0 days agoUnknown3,157
 noneya999USA37 months, 5 days ago3 months, 16 days ago225
 Obama F'cked us!USA9 months, 21 days ago2 days ago153
 old guardUSA62 months, 27 days ago28 months, 12 days ago2,407
Once4All's AvatarOnce4AllUSA89 months, 11 days agoToday25,216
Ozark Granny's AvatarOzark GrannyUSA85 months, 29 days agoToday7,710
parra's AvatarparraAustralia60 months, 8 days agoToday325
Pillar2's AvatarPillar2Poland15 months, 21 days agoToday4,426
 Psalm 23USA27 months, 20 days ago23 months, 23 days ago915
RemoteGlasses's AvatarRemoteGlassesUSA19 months, 2 days ago11 days ago436
roadrunnerray's AvatarroadrunnerrayUSA60 months, 26 days ago2 months, 20 days ago2,280
 Sam Fox 76USA25 months, 26 days ago3 months, 13 days ago1,097
Samson5728's AvatarSamson5728USA23 months, 19 days agoToday1,006
Sapphire Skies's AvatarSapphire SkiesSpain44 months, 1 days ago4 months, 16 days ago803
ScrumpTheTexan's AvatarScrumpTheTexanModeratorUSA87 months, 9 days agoUnknown49,532
SerenaSeesAll's AvatarSerenaSeesAllUSA39 months, 14 days agoToday4,366
shadahoochee's AvatarshadahoocheeUSA49 months, 3 days ago3 months, 24 days ago1,108
shadarak's AvatarshadarakStarfleet13 months, 2 days ago9 months, 20 days ago672
shadasonic's AvatarshadasonicUSA23 months, 13 days ago3 months, 26 days ago1,996
 Shut Up MegWales12 months, 10 days ago6 months, 15 days ago2,649
Simple27's AvatarSimple27Starfleet43 months, 29 days agoToday141,763
Sir Phydeau's AvatarSir PhydeauUSA94 months, 23 days ago2 days ago11,403
Sir Tim's AvatarSir TimUnited Kingdom28 months, 1 days ago3 days ago3,086
SkinnyChic's AvatarSkinnyChicUSA47 months, 20 days agoToday8,313
SmokingLoon's AvatarSmokingLoonScotland21 months, 21 days ago1 months, 12 days ago2,529
 SnakeBiteCanada49 months, 9 days ago29 months, 1 days ago804
Snuffielover's AvatarSnuffieloverRussia51 months, 6 days agoToday2,147
 Solar GuardianSingapore52 months, 16 days ago14 months, 26 days ago16,882
 Spittin'CesiumUnited Kingdom63 months, 25 days ago2 months, 26 days ago12,738
 Steve5728USA127 months, 26 days ago31 months, 0 days ago4,850
Stud Muffin Brian's AvatarStud Muffin BrianUSA20 months, 11 days ago19 months, 9 days ago1,242
Tell Me (NO) Lies's AvatarTell Me (NO) LiesUSA27 months, 15 days ago12 days ago15,691
 Texan BuckeyeUSA59 months, 29 days ago22 months, 21 days ago6,580
ThaSaltineCracka's AvatarThaSaltineCrackaUSA51 months, 3 days agoToday754
 The ComedianUSA41 months, 2 days ago31 months, 13 days ago23,156
The Comedian :D's AvatarThe Comedian :DUSA7 months, 14 days agoToday28,897
THE INQUISIDOR's AvatarTHE INQUISIDORUSA49 months, 0 days agoToday16,039
The Old Timer's AvatarThe Old TimerUSA30 months, 16 days agoToday7,745
TheWillowTree's AvatarTheWillowTreeUSA54 months, 17 days ago13 months, 12 days ago1,620
 Thinking out loudUSA59 months, 27 days ago3 months, 25 days ago13,675
Tiny Trink's AvatarTiny TrinkUSA48 months, 23 days ago3 months, 22 days ago1,988
Trained Noticer's AvatarTrained NoticerUSA25 months, 11 days agoToday2,687
TripleH23's AvatarTripleH23USA56 months, 19 days agoToday3,567
Troy.'s AvatarTroy.USA44 months, 1 days ago27 days ago3,389
Veritas_Aequitas's AvatarVeritas_AequitasUSA40 months, 20 days agoToday887
wait....what?'s Avatarwait....what?USA63 months, 17 days agoToday1,433
 Wasayo333USA49 months, 25 days ago24 months, 27 days ago74
 WatcherJUSA44 months, 24 days ago3 days ago445
WeAreOne's AvatarWeAreOneUnited Kingdom57 months, 25 days ago4 days ago5,562
 WeInHereUSA15 months, 3 days ago8 months, 13 days ago49
WishinForTheMission's AvatarWishinForTheMissionUSA48 months, 15 days ago21 days ago6,106
Wolf 1776's AvatarWolf 1776USA25 months, 6 days ago9 days ago5,389
WOLF*'s AvatarWOLF*USA60 months, 28 days agoToday34,588
Wyks's AvatarWyksUSA72 months, 29 days ago5 months, 20 days ago646
Zombie Daddy in a Box's AvatarZombie Daddy in a BoxPhillipines29 months, 3 days agoToday26,363
~kpm~'s Avatar~kpm~USA30 months, 27 days agoToday10,618
~T~'s Avatar~T~Starfleet33 months, 3 days agoToday491