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7/5/2013Thanks for the comments - Ohwell
7/1/2013"No matter where anyone lives, we are all human beings." PERFECTLY Stated. - Knowbody Special
6/1/2013Nice win ;)
5/9/2013Peaceful avatar to watch thanks
5/4/2013Cutest tornado I've seen all week! ~Gigolo Jesus
4/19/2013Haha badass post on AJ thread. hee. ~Creation Poetique
4/6/2013Fucking Asswipe
4/2/2013Awesome Article! -SumTingWong-
3/25/2013So funny!
3/15/2013Thanks for having a brain!
12/24/2012You have voices in your head too?! J/K! LOL - Dease
12/2/2012I am sorry to hear about you being unemployed for so long. Thank you for your kind words - I have to constantly remind myself to give control over to God, and accept things as they are. If you were me
12/2/2012Great picture! Let us pray for our country! - Dease
11/23/2012Thanks for contributing to my peace treaty thread, and happy Thanksgiving! - Dease
10/10/2012Talks out His Ass
10/9/2012I'll be in the safe pennyless group myself. lol~ Cheops
8/31/2012Thanks from THE INQUISADOR
8/27/2012Thank you for the karma! Have a great week. - Six Six Six
8/16/2012Lol about other 49 states ... 2 swords
8/5/2012Always MaryAnne... Borian
7/25/2012Data... - Borian
7/12/2012Green karma bomb - sunspotkiller
7/9/2012"cutetornadoF5" that name rofl so much epic
6/26/2012Thank you! if you send me ur email i can write back :) -tarfon
6/25/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/14/2012Spidey reading pic gets some karma! - Six Six Six
6/4/2012Nice Bernacke pic
4/30/2012Nice post on the Chicago dewm thread - Sir Phydeau

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