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FreshAirGirl's Karma

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1/5/2013Love GFG
12/17/2012Your Nonsense. Always have been.
12/10/2012For clear and concerned advice on this most important topic on GLP - beeches
12/9/2012Hi fellow Canuck! Kate :)
12/9/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/9/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/2/2012Welcome to GLP! ... *from CrissCross
11/25/2012For keeping us informed about the sinkhole--oh_yikes
11/23/2012Canadian retard
11/16/2012Excellent threads deserve green goodness. tinygreen.
11/12/2012Fuck off shill! who are you to call someone a fool because they point out the obvious
11/10/2012If canada had anything going for it, it would be a state.
11/10/2012Fuck you, go to some faggy canadian site if you don't like hearing about it. Fuck you!
11/10/2012Get over it
11/10/2012Yes, so tired of the whining over this election. Ty for serving a nice cup of stfu to those who refuse to just let it go
11/9/2012Fuck you
11/7/2012Normally I would give u bad karma for trying to weaken my Nor-easter going into nyc but I'll Give you good just because i want you to see my power :)
11/7/2012The creme de la creme of the Nibirutards
11/7/2012Ironic how stupid fucks like you try and talk like you know something. lol smh it's obvious you are retarded so please STFU!
11/7/2012Biggest fucking reatrd ever
11/6/2012No link to support the BS - Sparrow and Medicine
11/6/2012Nice thread
11/6/2012Great comment.
11/6/2012I like that a thread is started to report feeling movement on west coast. thread i will follow!
11/4/2012Thankyou for the sand storage tips!
11/4/2012Good info; thanks!
11/4/2012For all our feathered and furry friends - Blue Skies
11/4/2012Agree good post
11/4/2012Nice thread ~ A Friend
11/4/2012For the squirrels
11/3/2012Thanks... TheTruthWorker
11/2/2012Excellent point
11/2/2012I never give red but oh i so want to....KARMA is a thing that always comes back....think please....Psy
11/1/2012Nothing bump - Borian

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