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7/6/2015Trolling again?
6/29/2015Still biggest troll on GLP
5/29/2015You're back !
5/21/2015Biggest troll on GLP
5/21/2015You taught me lots about physics and the Moon thanks !
3/19/2015I think the Earth is flat too
2/9/2015For the Duck
1/22/2015Just heapin' it on
12/26/2014Still the biggest troll on GLP
12/17/2014Zombie Duck
12/15/2014Annoying, irrelevant interruptions
12/7/2014For the Duck
11/30/2014Still here as an AC. Have this for your latest retarded ramblings
11/25/2014Closer to the edge.
11/18/2014Still here as an AC. Have this for your latest retarded ramblings
11/14/2014I'm saving the duck, Are YOU ?
11/6/2014I could never forget the duck. Where have you been? WM
11/6/2014Duck Duck GO !
10/28/2014Free the ducks
10/21/2014It's time for all Ducky's friends to mount a save the duck campaign
10/13/2014Troll ban still in effect?
10/10/2014Come back Ducky !
10/7/2014Still banned, OMFG so funny.
9/27/2014Still banned ?
9/16/2014What goes around, comes around
9/10/2014See you soon I hope.
9/7/2014Cowardly anonymous troll
9/3/2014Come va? ~ K Hall
9/2/2014Miss ya, WindyMind
9/1/2014Where are you lil ducky? Besos guapa xx
8/30/2014Still a troll
8/26/2014Dumb as a rock
8/16/2014Still the biggest troll on GLP
8/14/2014See your posts again soon ~ K Hall
8/10/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/10/2014That's my today's thought.
8/10/2014Amateur Apollo 11 Video Launch -- Elena.C
8/10/2014Moon Shill
8/9/2014Biggest trol on GLP
8/7/2014Still a troll. And apparently wants to prove he's incompetent as well.
8/7/2014You've been quiet recently, science is losing out :) K Hall
7/22/2014Muchos besos guapa :)
7/18/2014Top researcher :) K Hall
7/17/2014One more of many
7/17/2014Greener! h0tvani11a
7/17/2014Sci-fi trolls fear your insights
7/14/2014Troll's gotta troll.
7/7/2014Still the biggest troll on GLP
7/5/2014Vala :-)
7/2/2014Ignorant asshole anyone? Argues what he doesn't know.
7/2/2014Ahoy, from Lithuania
7/2/2014Star Fhisp
7/1/2014The Dumbassiest Most Annoying Fucktard on GLP AWARD WINNER ! ! !
7/1/2014Ban please
6/29/2014Still the biggest troll on GLP
6/23/2014Time to stop now
6/22/2014You get one star rating and red karma because you post like a troll. Think about it.
6/22/2014Brands that are using tap water? Elena.C
6/22/2014For the Ducks! GeoStorm
6/21/2014Red for you
6/21/2014Thanks for the red - back to you, troll - Hydra
6/21/2014"Happy weekend"-green xxxK
6/20/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/20/2014Not as dumb as you like to portray ;) E
6/19/2014For being dumb as fuck
6/17/2014I wonder why they give you so much red? Pretty good threads emerald_glow
6/17/2014A bit of green for this entertaining troll :-)
6/16/2014Total fucking idiot.
6/16/2014Thanks, Delmarva says hello! beeches
6/16/2014Almost 8 coward users vote that threa 1 star - Don't be a star-tard. Your inability to make a decent argument is the reason people 1-starred your thread.
6/16/2014Stop trolling
6/16/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/15/2014Weekly red for GLP's biggest and most obvious troll
6/13/2014Parallax buddy always with you!
6/13/2014Did Your iq Test Come Back Negative?
6/13/2014Doesn't Understand Science
6/13/2014Love GFG
6/13/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/13/2014Most fuckwitted of all fuckwits
6/12/2014It's life Ducky but not as we know it ~ K Hall
6/11/2014Green for the Duck_GeoStorm
6/10/2014With love and respect :) 141
6/10/2014You're a good girl ducky
6/6/2014Here are all the shills assfuck
6/5/2014Trying to counteract all that red. Keep on the fight bro!
6/4/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/3/2014Rev Woo-Woo was here ;)
6/1/2014Still the biggest troll on GLP. It is obvious that you are trying to be.
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