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rup's Karma

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7/13/2014Good call!
6/17/2014IRS = Im Really Sorry ! ghost runner
6/13/2014THanks. Superduper
6/3/2014For Carney thread
6/3/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/1/2014Thanks for responding to my thread!~CigarTigher
6/1/2014For your posts and sense of humor - concrete blonde
5/25/2014Thank you kindly sir :) HerMadgesVadge
5/16/2014Good sport. Good find. - Integrity101
5/2/2014Thx! - concrete blonde
5/2/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
4/26/2014Hi from UseLessRepEATER
4/23/2014That's funny. Well said.
4/22/2014Biden is actually obama's mother - LOL!! - Sobriquet
4/9/2014Thanks! Jux
3/20/2014I said pull it, and we watched the sea go down the drain. OMFG laughing tears, my new hero! aHEMagain
9/21/2013Thanks for the +karma! Here's one back for you - Waterlily
9/15/2013Green to ya rup...from saved
9/12/2013Thx for your help and links G3777
9/7/2013Masterfully eloquent.
9/5/2013Good Dianne F shot!
8/19/2013Bwahahaha!! Creating both a drill and a live event in my sears briefs... LOL - Eireann~
2/28/2013Thanx for your reply! - RoXY
2/28/2013Harrison bounel must be arrested
1/24/2013TY! Laura Bow
1/4/2013Happy New Year! Useless Rep...
10/3/2012Thanks for the heads up -KimmieAnnaJones
9/23/2012Thanks rup! That ac you responded to seems a bit insecure imo. LOL - Nika
9/17/2012Thank You !
9/14/2012Thanks, interesting article!
9/13/2012Thanks for the post! WindyMind
9/13/2012For transcript - Demode
9/13/20125 stars and some green :)) Chas
9/13/2012For the funny Obama speech ;) Ayr phorce yuan.
9/9/2012Hi - fuck you
8/16/2012Well said rup, ...principle trumping tyranny... We will see a lot more of that before November I think.
7/19/2012Muslim shitbrain fuck off

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