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5/28/20151 -NWO, now Mr.A
5/27/2015Enjoy your post violation, and stay classy loser bitch.
5/26/2015Dumb fuckface
5/26/2015Where you at these days you Russian Shill fighter?
5/19/2015Natural born cocksucker...
5/19/2015Butthurt buttboy
5/19/2015Lol -nwo
5/17/2015Youre an asshole
5/17/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/16/2015KipKat :)
5/10/2015Stupidity is strong in this one
5/7/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/7/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/7/2015Still pinned to the corner surrounded by own stupidity. Russian fail fighter lmao!
5/6/2015Keep up the fight...ZDB
5/6/2015You were saying about the Ruble? Idiot...
4/30/2015Hey butt boy fucked throughly aight? even banned from Zod's thread what a loser u r lmao!
4/29/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
4/29/2015In hindsight, maybe you should have tried harder not to get banned from the only thread that matters. Loser!
4/26/2015Still a tool for Soros
4/25/2015Evil POS
4/25/2015Sickandtwisted was here~
4/25/2015RT, ZOD and a creew shit with blood and fingers....VovaP loves it!
4/25/2015Evil Godless man you are, pure evil, may you burn in hell
4/25/2015You deserve
4/23/2015Lol -nwo
4/23/2015Useless faggot, brainless NWO puppet
4/13/2015This folks is the profile of an utter pathetic loser.
4/12/2015Yeah, Putin lives. Ruble growing. Russian shill fighter still in the corner, wasting air and looking for Obozo's ass hole where to hide. Faggot...
4/10/2015Vibrating? heres a seizure
4/7/2015Sudden vibratingggg GREEN from THE INQUISIDOR
4/4/2015Hey butt boy! Seems you fought yourself to the corner, your own shill thread was banned ROFL!
4/4/2015Pathetic loser
4/4/2015Filthy wigger supports genocide of whites in the center of Europe
4/2/2015Bullshit monger
4/2/2015Banned from the only thread that matters. Way to go 'Russian shill fighter'. LMAO!
4/1/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/30/2015Soros NWO shill. Go fuck yourself!!
3/29/2015Shameless state department shill
3/29/2015You call others Shill when you suck the long dick of Barack Obama! LOL
3/29/2015Dumb fuck NWO nazi!
3/29/2015Neo Nazi Soros Puppet
3/29/2015Better than being Obama's personal cock sucker, faggot.
3/29/2015Slobber on Soros nob much? Just asking...
3/29/2015Still gobbling Soros wrinkled prunes with one hand, and posting to GLP on the other... unpaid even.
3/28/2015Retarded mofo
3/28/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/24/2015Green for anti Russian Red -NWO
3/23/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/23/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/22/2015Still a potato :-)
3/21/2015Asswarded retard
3/21/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/19/2015GREEN Dripping KARMA from THE INQUISIDOR
3/16/2015His posts suck
3/16/2015Dopie Ukie fell for the rumours again. Putin lives bitch!
3/15/2015Sorosbot retard
3/15/2015To undo those morons reds~Godzilla
3/15/2015Retarded Sorosbot
3/13/2015Still dumb as fuck, easy to dupe. Mental midget...
3/12/2015Reported Copyright Violation
3/12/2015Green to offset russian shill red
3/9/2015Useless idiot
3/8/2015Fug off ya NWO snitch
3/8/2015Keep up the good work
3/8/2015Fuck You Too Nazi
3/8/2015You are a master nwo dupe.
3/8/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/7/2015KipKat :)
3/5/2015Shilling for 30 pieces of silver, pathetic
3/5/2015Boris Nemtsov will never die, Putin must go, for a free Russia!
3/4/2015Just to counter :-)
3/1/2015Welcome back to Novorossia ya freak faggot
2/27/2015Go bend over for the NWO, you cocksucking shill.
2/27/2015Your shill fighting has been missed lately....
2/27/2015The candy man
2/27/2015Fuck you right in the pussy
2/27/2015Here's some comedy !!
2/27/2015No one deserves that much hate. -Strike.
2/24/2015Cry baby
2/24/2015You're losing the war no matter how hard you shill
2/24/2015Dumb shit
2/22/2015Really dumb NWO shill
2/20/2015Gay boy karma time
2/15/2015NWO cock sucker.
2/15/2015Fuk Putin
2/15/2015Kak oudelic shoon!
2/15/2015Ukie immigrant watching helplessly.
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