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katiepea's Karma

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8/30/2012For bravely showing your face - Blue Skies
8/29/2012I was just teasing you! I bet you are. Sloane
8/29/2012Absolutely! No incentive, no baby
8/25/2012Too right on atf story. GR
8/19/2012Good debate, Katiepea in the "Bill" forum! ~ Juju
7/17/2012Good comment 'hoarding wealth' ~ Truly
7/15/2012For your rant on Zakk's Anderson Cooper thread.
7/12/2012For decoding the message :) - Candy Corn
7/7/2012For supporting the gay agenda
7/5/2012The gov't tells google what to do, and they do it.
7/2/2012Good one Katie on Zaaks gay thread
7/2/2012Carpet Muncher Supreme - Don't let the son, go down on me baby...(sing along)
6/28/2012Brain dead, and a asshole
5/27/2012Good thinking.. TheTruthWorker
5/23/2012Woohoo! great comment on bound delegates. JoeBoxer
5/11/2012Great Thread RP'12 -CharlieMurphy
5/11/2012Awesome find for RP! ~ Leeroy Jenkins
5/11/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/10/2012Nice answer
5/10/2012"hate and intolerance are blasphemy" = truth
5/8/2012Helped another user with a technical issue.

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