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October 21, 2014
Marty McFly's " hoverboard" and a future beyond wheels
October 20, 2014
World's First Biometric Credit Card Will Arrive in 2015: Pay with Your Fingerprint
153 people being monitored for Ebola in Ohio
Top Scientist: This Version Of Ebola Looks Like ‘A Very Different Bug’
Feds Continue Orwellian Surveillance of Social Media
October 19, 2014
Man Wakes Up From Colonoscopy Wearing Pink Panties
124-year-old “Grave” Warning About Democrats
Muslim Throws Brick At German Shepherd, What Happens Next
October 18, 2014
It's Starting: Russians and Chinese Are Ditching the Dollar and Europeans Are Using Renminbi in Their Reserves
FBI Director: Government Surveillance 'Enhances Liberty'
Bad news: Facepaint is racist and is now banned at Arizona State University
Why Nations (and organizations) Fail: Self-Serving Elites
The Rise of All-Purpose Antidepressants: Doctors are increasingly prescribing SSRIs to treat more than just depression
How Ebola Aerosolized in Pigs Could Kill Millions
Parents May Be Liable for What Their Kids Post on Facebook, Court Rules
What you need to know about EZ-Pass & privacy
Propaganda 101 – How the Pentagon is Trying to Rewrite Vietnam War History
FEMA Conducting Pandemic Drills Amidst Ebola Crisis
If A Few Ebola Cases Can Make The Stock Market Crash This Much, What Would A Full-Blown Pandemic Mean?
Facebook, Apple now paying for female employees to freeze their eggs cryonically
Johns Hopkins Scientist Reveals Shocking Report on Flu Vaccines
Obama to Allow 100,000 Haitians into America Without a Visa
Classic Example of Origin of HIV and Gates Foundation Hypocrisy and Conflicting Interests
October 17, 2014
You won’t believe the CDC told this lie
Airline To Only Hire (Skinny) Female Flight Attendants – To Save Fuel Costs
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