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July 31, 2014
Senate Democrats Introduce Gun Confiscation Bil
July 30, 2014
Ebola: 'It's close, it's at our front door'
CDC goes sky-high with new Ebola warning
July 29, 2014
Pesticide linked to three generations of disease: Methoxychlor causes epigenetic changes
Big Pharma’s Latest Trick: Testing Meds on Homeless People
U.S. Congress Banned from Editing Wikipedia After Staff Caught Trolling
Now two NEW large holes appear in Siberia
This Mysterious Signal ‘Could Not Be Explained By Known Physics,’ Astronomers Say
Ebola can spread like ‘Forest Fire,’ US warns
How ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Deceives the Public and Why It’s Dangerous
North Korea threatens nuclear strike on White House
Northern California neighborhoods inundated by rattlesnakes due to drought
Massive dust storm moves through Arizona
The Islamic Confederacy is Forming
The Moon Could Be Littered With Fossils From Earth
The Fight Against Fake Birth Control
Smart Seatbelts Detect Drowsy Drivers
MERS Virus May Be Able To Spread Through The Air
U.K. Supermarket To Run On Electricity Made From Its Own Rotting Food
Are You On A Government Watchlist?
July 28, 2014
Satanists want to use Hobby Lobby decision to exempt women from anti-abortion laws
Court: Doctors can't ask about gun ownership
EFF Asks Court To Declare NSA's 'Internet Backbone' Collections Unconstitutional
July 27, 2014
Eleanor Holmes Norton says 'you don't have a right to know' what's going on in government
Federal judge rules DC ban on gun carry is unconstitutional
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