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January 28, 2015
English speaking soldiers in Ukraine and 20 other things you should know
January 27, 2015
2.7 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Up Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Justice Dept spying on millions of US drivers - report
As The Middle Class Evaporates, Global Oligarchs Plan Their Escape Form The Impoverished Pleb Masses
Obamacare program costs $50,000 in taxpayer money for every American who gets health insurance, says bombshell budget report
Ferguson Scared the Super-Rich So Bad They’re Planning Exits
Supreme Court: Cops can do illegal things if it's an honest mistake
Cali Doctor Says, Don't Vaccinate Children
Public Water Fluoridation Being Challenged in Dallas
Millennials: Escape the Credit/Debt Matrix
Global Warming Mounting Weird Comeback in 2015 - Agenda 21 Looming
CDC's Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link
Scientists Debate Whether Solar Lull Could Trigger Another ‘Little Ice Age’
New Strain of Pig Virus Affects Minnesota Farmers
$100 Trillion American Economic Collapse
Vitamin D combined with exercise is crucial for reversing insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics, study shows
Plan C: The Top Secret Cold War plan for Martial Law in the USA
The Shemitah: The Biblical Pattern Which Indicates That A Financial Collapse May Be Coming In 2015
Your home appliances will soon be remotely controlled by the government
Smoking gun' Benghazi documents finally obtained
January 26, 2015
“Communist Party USA” Leader Drops Bombshell About the Democrat Party
US Pacific Fleet Commander Drops Bombshell About Obama and Muslim Brotherhood
January 25, 2015
Anchor Gives Obama The Finger and looses her job
Think the New Underwear You Buy Hasn’t Been Worn Before? Think Again.
State Of Maine Kicks 6,500 People Off Of Food Stamps
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