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August 21, 2016
Total Solar Eclipse Coming August 21, 2017
Soros Got Hacked. Can You Guess What We Found?
Yes, US Government Propaganda Use Against American Citizens Is Officially Legal Now
The Federal Reserve Just Made a Facebook Page … And It’s Getting Destroyed by Trolls
WHO Manual Directing "Authorities" on How to Respond to Vaccine Deniers in PUblic
Fugitive 'Facebook founder' says he's alive and well but 'running for his life' from CIA
New Gun Control Idea: Take Guns from Senior Citizens
10 Things We Know About The Mock Human Sacrifice That Was Just Conducted At CERN
More About a U.S.-and-Allied Hoax Against Assad
Illuminati Use Classic Slave-Making Methods
August 14, 2016
Squid Teeth Could One Day Help Repair Your Ripped Clothing
A New Type Of Brain Scan Shows Where Genes Are Being Turned Off
Saturn's Moon Titan Has Deep Canyons Flooded With Liquid
A Tiny Part Of Your Suntan Is Intergalactic
August 13, 2016
Two Muslims Shot On Street In Queens - Trump IMMEDIATELY Blamed
China is developing a hypersonic jet
Where Does Your Info Come From? Mainstream Media Now Literally Using Robots to Write News
States Should Restore Gold and Silver as Legal Tender before the Monetary Crisis Arrives
Roman ‘Curse Tablets’ Made of Gold Discovered in Viminacium, Serbia
Remote control of the brain is coming
Woman Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted By Pokemon Go Character
Hacker Publishes List Of Cell Phone Numbers, Private E-Mails For Most House Democrats
Fish With ‘Human Teeth’ Is Being Found in Michigan Lakes
Asteroid Mining CEO Says Cities In Space Are 30 Years Away
August 11, 2016
George Soros declares war on Voter ID, openly advocates VOTER FRAUD
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