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October 10, 2015
How MK Ultra Used Subliminals to Control the Minds of America
Congress Declares Martial Law as Dollar Rapidly Collapses
Unbelievable Scam of Cancer Industry Blown Wide Open
Feminists Force Clothing Line To Remove ‘Happy Girls Are The Prettiest’ Shirts Because It’s Offensive
October 8, 2015
NASA About To Make An’Amazing’ Announcement About Pluto
Researchers Grow ‘Mini Human Brain’ In A Lab
Scientists Finally Prove That Life After Death Exists
Native Americans Now Have Full Legalization of Marijuana On Reservation Lands
Assassinated Author Predicted Rise In School Shootings In 1991 Book
Matt Drudge: Independent News Is About To Be Killed
Biblical City of Sodom Finally Uncovered in Jordan Valley?
Brace Yourself: The Old Farmer's Almanac Is Predicting Another Snowy Winter
Something Strange Is Happening At The North Pole Of The Moon
How did these three inmates beat three Harvard students in a debate?
October 7, 2015
Underground City Of Giants Discovered In The Grand Canyon
Behold a Pale Gun Confiscation Agenda
Electromagnetic Pulse: One Day We Will Wake Up In An America Without Electricity And Society Will Totally Break Down
Obama Preparing More Executive Actions on Gun Control
Matt Drudge Drops Bombshell Warning in Surprise Interview — “I had a Supreme Court Justice say to me it’s over”
Aliens Exist: Here Is The PROOF
Moon Landing A Hoax? Here’s 10 Reasons Why
October 6, 2015
Nobel Prize for Physics for discovering the mass of neutrinos
WATCH: Fire ants form life rafts out of their own bodies in order to survive historic flooding in South Carolina.
America's cities will collapse into utter chaos the day the EBT cards stop working
Watch: Peruvian Teen Convulses After Playing Ouija Board App (Video)
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