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May 3, 2015
In 2008 Obama Revealed His Plan for Law Enforcement… and Now He Has the Perfect Excuse
VIDEO: Huckabee Just Told Islamists His Plan for Them… They’d Better Pray He Doesn’t Win
Obama’s Admin Chose This State as a Dumping Ground for THOUSANDS of Islamic “Refugees”
Adam Carolla Shows How Cops Are Assholes
Two Mysterious Tunnels Discovered In California – Where They Lead Is Disturbing
University of Florida Closes Fraternity after Members Disrespect Disabled Vets in Unbelievable Way
EPA spends $84,000 to study churches that preach climate change
Obama Won’t Let States Ask for Proof Of Citizenship … On Voter Registration Form!
VIDEO Top 5 Reasons Ted Cruz Is So Concerned About Jade Helm 15
You Won’t Believe Which State The U.S. Federal Government Might Take Over – And What Is “Jade Helm 15
Guess Who the 1st Legal Slave Owner in America Was? Don’t Expect the Liberal Media to Report This
Man Crushed Under Semi-Truck Rescued by Angels
You Can Now Turn Your Dead Loved Ones into Perfume
This Urn Will Turn You into a Tree After You Die
News Jade Helm “Exercises” cancelled in two Texas counties. Jade Helm “Exercises” cancelled in two Texas counties
How Our Thoughts Control Our DNA
DNA Reprogramming
May 2, 2015
Sheriff Drops Bombshell About Order He Received During Baltimore Riots
Baltimore Mayor Told Cops, “Let Them Loot”… But the Next 3 Words Were Even More Shocking
George Soros Gets Some Devastating Bad News… This Could Bring Him Down
The 17 Things the Media Does NOT Want America to Know About Baltimore
The Black Panthers’ New Leader Just Sent This Terrifying Message to the Entire Country
Black Reverend Makes Chilling Revelation About Obama’s Real Plan for the Baltimore Riots - To FEDERALIZE The Police Depts
Alabama is just one state making a move to limit the federal government and take back its sovereignty
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