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November 8, 2013
Obama Birth Certificate: New Hard Document Evidence ‘It’s Gotten Deeper, Darker than You Can Imagine
Obama lied, health care died. See the grim results of Obamacare posted at mycancellation.com
Comet of the Century’ ISON coming into view this week
Motorola files patent for electronic skin tattoo
November 7, 2013
Lady Gaga Will Become The First Artist To Sing In Space In 2015
The Racist Democratic Party
Atheists Argue Gov't Is Forcing Them to Compromise Their 'Religious Scruples'
Feds Spent $29 Million on Prescription Drugs for 4,139 Illegal Aliens
VA sends $4,000 bill to double-amputee Purple Heart recipient after he spoke out against Obama
Obamacare Restrictions Lead Brooklyn Couple To Consider Divorce
Jindal moves to strip food stamps from abusers (WalMart looters)
Obese Florida Man Is Too Fat To Jail
How to See Comet ISON This Week -- Nov. 4-10
Comet ISON Heats Up, Grows New Tail
Comet ISON caught approaching on camera Dragging wispy tail across the night sky
This month Comet ISON will fly by the sun in an encounter that could destroy the object, or elevate it to greatness
X3-Class solar flare produces rare ‘Magnetic Crochet’ on Earth
Three-Star General: Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated Our Government So Much, ‘It Would Frighten You’
November 6, 2013
'Invisible' insect-sized drones may soon be used by the U.S. Army
Malls Across The US Prepare For Holiday Attacks
There's a Restaurant in New York Where You're Not Allowed to Talk
FBI considers video analysis technology to identify suspects based on facial, behavioral recognition
November 5, 2013
DHS to Hire “Top Secret” Domestic Security Force
APA: Classifying pedophilia as a ‘sexual orientation’ was an ‘error’
November 4, 2013
The NYPD Is FOIA-Proof
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